A little help with a zoning issue

Lets say you are throwing fbs full screen opponent goes to jump over will I have enough time to do a dash and than an AA like m.kick or cr.fpunch? Or is it situational depending on his action after jump?

your best bet for getting an AA to stick out in that situation after throwing a horizontal fireball would be a kongo, or maybe a low palm (low palm can work as an AA from the right position)

i’m assuming someone does a long-reaching jump kick and has a high enough jump

i don’t know. sounds like an odd situation at fullscreen. I can sometimes catch them with an EX demon flip slide if they neutral jump a fireball at fullscreen

Would I have enough time to dash than Kongo after fb recovery? Usually I try dash and sweep but I get kicked by long reach or if I try to move forward instead of dash and sweep they are out of range

AA is what you do when you can’t hit or create a guessing game with a fireball. In fact, AA is what you do to get them to back off so you can think about getting them back into FB range. Given Gouken’s non-existent offensive options and how good his fireballs are, there’s no reason to dash into anything fullscreen. They are obstacles, and exceptionally powerful ones at that. Dashing in from that range just means you’re voluntarily reducing the length of time they’re forced to deal with it.

If you can’t catch them in some sort of stun with an EX flip, keep throwing fireballs.

Amen to that.

Time for question behind the question: The biggest question to me is not your opponent jumping FB’s at full screen but why are they full screen? If they are running like most Sagats and Guiles do, then let them back themselves into the corner, and close the distance to 3/4 screen for Sagat and 1/2 screen for Guile and go to work on their ass. Goathead is correct with Palm can be AA from the right distance, kinda iffy to try as a go to move but it can be done.

Truth be told, it’s not alot you can do with some one asborbing your normal FB’s and neutral jumping or ducking the rest @ full screen. If you got the lead, use the clock to your advantage and keep throwing FB’s they will have to come to you at some point if they wanna win. If you are behind in the match up then throwing FB’s at full screen for and extended period of time isn’t a good tactic at all, as neutral jump or jumping away will make most of your DF options useless. You have to close the distance to about 1/2 - 3/4 screen on your non agressive opponents and push them into the corner where Gouken can do his magic. At this range if you MUST get in and you can’t frame trap to do so. Throw a fully charge EX and follow behind it, if they jump they will get hit (follow up with palm and meaty the knockdown), if they block you can frame trap again with safe palm or just dash in to safely close the distance for more FB zoning pressure and footsies.

Thank you guys for your input and advice

If your opponent always jumps forward over fb at near fullscreen you can fadc the fb forward and crush them. tatsu or aa ultra works. depends on jump style.