A little help with buffering


So I’ve recently acquired SSF4:AE and I love it. I’ve made the decision that I want to practice and get to a point where I can play competitively, and I’ve been watching a lot of video tutorials (probably too many for a beginner).

I was really excited/intrigued by the whole buffering system, and the way that some moves can be cancelled into others. Finally it started to make sense how the better players could whip out specials, supers and ultras at just the right time. I’ve researched a lot, but when I try to practice it, it doesn’t quite work out as I expect.

The two main combos I’m trying to get the hang of (using Ryu) are:

cr.MK xx Hadouken: :d:+:mk: :df: :f:+:hp:

Hadouken xx Metsu Hadouken: :d: :df: :f:+:hp: :d: :df: :f:+:3p:

Obviously the first attack comes out, but I’m having a lot of trouble getting the second attack to trigger. I could understand if I was trying to link the second attack - the timing would seem more essential, and if the second attack isn’t triggering it would mean I was entering it too fast. But seeing as I’m going for the cancel here, I thought that as long as I complete the second input while Ryu is still in his attack animation, it should come out. Unless I’m completing the second input during recovery frames, which I assume would be too late…

I’m using the PS3 d-pad, and my execution obviously needs a lot of work. But with input display on when I do hit the right inputs, the attacks come out like 1% of the time (probably 20% of the time for cr.MK xx Hadouken). Most advice I’ve read on the forums seems to be “go slow, focus on smooth and precise execution - you’d be surprised how long you have to complete the input” but for me it seems the inputs have to be dialled in lightning fast.

Can anyone give me some tips/ideas on where I’m likely going wrong in what I’m sure will be my first of many nooby questions here? :slight_smile:


To me it definitely seems like you’re going too fast. Similar to links when something doesn’t come out i means you are doing it before you are in the cancelable window. Also make sure your are pressing and realeasing the buttons as this will literally double your chances for getting the command to come out because of negative edge. For the second buffer you are trying do you mean to cancel into super? Because you cant actually cancel straight into ultra.


Ah I see, thanks heaps! I’ll slow it down a bit and see how I go. Also I haven’t been focusing on releasing the buttons either, so thanks for the tip.

But yeah, in that second combo I was trying to cancel into the Ultra… explains why it was so damn difficult, haha. I did get it to trigger a couple of times though - so does that mean I actually linked from Hadouken -> Ultra? Is that possible? The couple of times it did work, the ultra definitely came out unblockable and the CPU was still showing as affected by the first Hadouken.


It might be possible to link that, personally not a ryu, nor a SFIV player anymore and I don’t have way to test it at the moment. If it’s possible, it’s probably a tight link. Not practical even if it was because if you miss, you are highly punishable.

Some things of that nature are also highly spacing dependent.

My general advice is to hit the directional forward input at the same time as pressing down the attack input, and then releasing at the same time. Truthfully moving from the analog stick to the D-pad should help with precision, but I haven’t played pad since about 2006. Honestly it seems like you have a good grasp on the concepts, you just need work on your mechanics. The people suggesting fluid motion are correct. Try it out for a bit and see how it goes. I’ll check back in the next day or two if you still can’t get it.


I’m a Ryu player and can definitely tell you that there is no way to link Hadouken to Metsu Hadouken.

If it connected on the CPU, your block settings may not be right (should be on Auto Block…)

The only way to get Ryu to connect his Ultra from a fireball is if its his EX Hadouken, and it has to be in the corner. It’ll link then. Or you can EX Hadouken -> EX Focus Cancel -> Ultra 1.

As for Cr. MK xx Hadouken, I think of it this way: Press the MK as you are holding down on the input, roll the stick up to forward (the fireball motion), then press Punch.

Because its a cancel, its hard to input the command so quickly that the cancel doesn’t come out… also, my friend recently tried playing SF4 on pad and I noticed that he kept pressing the Punch button before his dpad input hit Forward. Dunno if that’s the case with you though :stuck_out_tongue: