A little help?

Can someone join a replay channel with me and upload some videos for me?

I’ve recently fallen in love with EX tatsu and if I ever have meter for a super I know I’m doing it wrong. It’s been pretty bad ass to be honest. Like super bad ass.

Ex tatsu is great now, wish i could help but I’m on psn.

Reipin, I wouldn’t mind but I’m in the process of moving and all of my equipment is in boxes right now. :frowning:

I won’t have it back up until next week.

Thanks for the offer :slight_smile: I wish there was someway to do this with an iMac and easily… My Xbox is pretty close to my iMac so it’s not like I should have a hard time but dunno, I have a video camera but it takes it in some weird format that apparently the software on a Mac does not like so it needs to be converted before you convert it =\

How big is a typical match video anyway? Size wise.

It depends on the resolution, 1080 is 2+ gb. 720 is usually under that unless the video is long as hell.

See I’m not trying to upload that shit, how do you people deal wit that? It would take me a whole day to upload that at home and it would cripple my internet in the process. Even a 1GB upload is a no go for me. I’m looking for like 50MB lol!

The raw capture file will always be huge. You have to compress the video after you capture it. To do this you take the raw captured footage and encode it into a codec like XviD, x264, etc. You can compress the audio as well.

The videos I’ve done are around 150-100mb after compression.

Got something like that for a mac? Preferably free :stuck_out_tongue: iMovie spits on my camera’s video file.

I use Eye TV HD and it formats right out to whatever format you choose. It would be a lot easier to compress that shit, that way I can just email the vids instead of uploading them for people when I record them.

I’m sure there are MAC versions for all the different encoders. If not, then some kind of work around. Encoders are just used to compress the video file and are different than the video editor programs.

Is iMovie the standard MAC video editor? I’m not too familiar. For video editors you could “digitally acquire” Sony Vegas (not sure if they have mac version), Adobe After Effects, or just Final Cut Pro. You could render and compress your video out of the editor at the same time, but it’s better to render the file uncompressed and then compress the file afterward. This way you can test compression settings for quality and you wouldn’t have to render the video every time.

Yeah IMovie is the standard. The new Final Cut Pro is super bad ass.

I’ll look it up though, never really thought about compressing it… good looking out.

The Canon 60D records its movies as .MOV files using variable bitrate MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 compression, which is much more conservative of memory card space than the Motion JPEG format used by some cameras, and avoids some of the severe image quality loss suffered by AVCHD cameras when faced with significant amounts of change in image content between frames. The more sophisticated encoding used in the H.264 standard requires quite a bit of processor power to pull it apart and put it back together again, so frame-accurate editing of H.264 requires a fast processor and capable editing program.[/quote]

So I guess what I need to know now is, does imovie 11 handle this format or can it convert it or what?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a converter for Mac or whatever? I’m really sorry but I’m a noob at this.

Did you try Quick Time?

Qt doesn’t edit unless you have pro

[]Get a PC
]Get Street fighter for PC
[]record with FRAPS
]convert with Windows Movie Maker
heh, sorry. Just had come up with any redemption for having to wait forever for the new version :slight_smile:

I have SF4 for PC and it was terrible, it’s because of my experience with the first one I didn’t buy the second.

Ok so I used my camera, it came out terrible. I want that quality shit that all you guys have that looks like it is coming off your TV. Do I need to spend 200 dollars to get the HD PVR thing just to get quality vid like that? And what’s the size on one of those vids? If it is over 50 megs I’ll probably pass…

I’m talking like this btw…


Well, that’s my video, and I did it just like I said above.

I play on PC. So I loaded up the replay, recorded it with FRAPS, and converted it to 1080p wmv with Windows Live Movie Maker.
FRAPS is a program on PC that basically records near pixel perfect screenshots into HUGE avi files in real time.
Then Movie Maker compresses it down to about a 100meg or so wmv file at 1080p. You could pretty easily get it down to 50megs or so with lower resolutions.

I have no idea what the console players use, but it’s probably some hardware with a splitter that eventually connects to their PC. You could probably also do it with a splitter and a TV capture card on the PC.

I have a Happauge HD PVR, straight from the PVR it is about 50mb a minute at 720p, it has the ability to do 1080i, but I’m not sure what the stats are on that. I don’t mind recording some of your matches and uploading them, just shoot me a PM.