A little help?


I was wondering if anyone out there was willing to shave off 0.3kb without screwing up the animation so I can use this avatar again. I would have gladly asked the original creator but their name escapes me at the moment. I’m positive they used Image Shack to resize it the first time.

that was me lol



Mr. Giygas, you are a champion among hot dog vendors and packages of scrumptious imitation crab meat.

Thank you.

:confused: Hmm… this Gif looks a lot like one I made a while ago:

This is an outrage… dood!

(:rofl: it really isn’t an outrage, I just need some sleep…
:bluu: Awe crap, I got to be at work in an hour… dood.)

My avatar was created before that thread was kthx.


:bluu: I’ve been defeated again… dood.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Saga was using that avatar before you even joined SRK Dood.
Now go and get more sleep! XD

:zzz: … dood…

wats up guys im comin to ask for an avatar because as u can see mines isnt really gr8… a simple one of storm victory stance with the lightning animation,cable gun by his head,cammy in her victory stance staring to the right or left. matching cammys assist 2 colors would be gr8 n e way you guys descide to coordinate the the other chracters id leave to you guys. and please have big lou somwhere in it… thanx a lot guys