A little help?

I dunno who to main in SFIV or SSFIV.

For starters, I usually go for the WTF characters because I play better with those characters. I am also very aggressive as well.

Please help?

I’ve already seen plenty of threads like this within the Newbie Saikyo Dojo. But if you say you’re very aggressive then I’d recommend Ken because he has all the tools for an aggressive character and he’s powerful as well. This is for Street Fighter IV, that is. To recommend you a character for Super Street Fighter IV is impossible right now as we don’t know how the new characters would play yet.

You want an aggressive character? Seth.

Want a zoning character? Sagat.

Want a defensive character? Sim.

Pick a character you really like. Pick a character that resembles you. Someone that fits your playstyle.

Rufus is hands down the most rush down oriented character of the game BUT his two bad match ups are Ryu and Sagat the two most used characters in the game…SO your call.

Akuma and Viper are two other characters I’d recommend but get used to having no health.