A little information for you hitbox users regarding 720s MUCH EASIER way



If you watch the Hitbox youtube vids and see his various 720 methods, they are all WAY HARDER than they need to be. He’s requiring godlike speed to pull this off. I have a different way that doesnt require you to leave the ground EVER.

Simply do this, and remember a 360/720 can be started from any direction so do whatever direction that has the most finger dexterity for you.

Slide from RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, then back LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, then when you hit RIGHT hit UP and all 3p all together.(RIGHT+UP+3p all together)

With this, i can pull off a VERY SLOW 720, its kinda funny to find out i can do this so slow, BUT dont forget this shit is hard, so if you hitbox be ready to practice this for hours/days, it’s gonna seem impossible to master, but when you do, you can wiff punish with 720s

So far im enjoying my hitbox, the biggest issue for me is re-wiring my brain for jump control, but its only been a few days. If you are a serious grappler that needs 360/720 a hitbox would help you, 360 are a joke on this thing, its the same speed as popping fireballs…


Don’t you need to add an up before the first right for this to work, making it the “U,B,D,Hold F,D,B,UB” walking 720 input?


na just two motions then UP+3p, thats what i thought too after watching his videos, then by accident a 720 came out cuz i was annoyed and spamming fast. You can do the motion i listed very fast or slow, so you can just stand there and do it, dash and do it. With a Hitbox it doesn’t care about diagonals in regards to the 360 at least. It’s some serious timing tho, so be ready for a sore finger if you do that slide motion. Now it can be done by the drumming motion, like one would tap their fingers on a desk when bored.


Can I get some footage of this? Because I can’t replicate it, and if this input works, that means you can easily do standing 720s. And I’m not just talking about hitboxes here, I’m talking about in general. Or am I misunderstanding you?


I’m having trouble replicating it ,could you post some footage?


Oh man, footage, let me see what i can do with an ipad at best lol. The timing is tough, remember im doing it with slide motion, let me work on a video. Let me just add this timing is ridiculous, but if people can learn el fuerte 9 hit RSF this is no were near as hard but be ready to work lol


I’m sliding and I keep getting Ex.spd


Ok got a fraps of it, im too lazy to convert from .avi to something smaller so wait for a 490mb file to upload then ill link it, i got it on my 2nd try


Thing is, I tried what you said with tool assistance and I still couldn’t get it to work :confused:


Ok, heres video.


Notice my input speed isnt even that fast, but that timing is annoying.


its public now lol, sorry, i never upload vids.


Sorry dude, but I’m quite sure the up from the previous attempt is used in the 2nd one. Yes, the 720 input is that lenient.


What do you mean previous input? Do you mean the wiffed 720 before? There is only 1 up input. This move will come out on the first attempt. Im confused on what you mean. Ok edit, i just practiced again, i made sure my foot took a step before each input, how long does the previous UP input last, sure not long enough for my animation to end and take a step


I shall hang my head in shame and failure! lol


I’m not sure, but if you wait a few seconds between each attempt, there’s no risk it carries over.


Yeah, your right, sorry i wasted your time lol, i had no idea the 720 would last that long,


His inputs weren’t even what he said in the OP either. It was R, D, L, D, R, U


Dude, what’s the point in bumping a 3 month old thread that was proven wrong?