A little interesting thing to practice

it’s kind of a common 3S sense thing, but i thought i’d mention it cuz i’ve been using it recently and hardly seen it done

you know when you have a Gigas ready, and you block someone’s Rocket Uppercut or something, and you try to do a taichi 720 but end up jumping?

well what i do is i time a whiff grab, and during the whiff grab i do a 360 (or 720 if it’s perfectly timed), then when my opponent lands i do a 360+P for the gigas.

justttt thought i’d share this with ppl who gets into this situation

what u do is do one 360 while he’s at the end of his rocket punch and hold back so u don’t jump and finish when he lands… its storing the gigas trick… works on all dp type moves… if shotos or dudley do an ex uppercut… just do a c.lk whiff into gigas…

hmm can u clear that up a little please
360 at the end of his the rocket punch and hold back? like during the block? wouldn’t that make you eat the last couple hits?

but is the blk stun long enough for you to react to the uppercut and do the 360 motion? what i usually do is whiff short into 720…

u 360 on the LAST blocked hit of the super… then wait for him to land and gigas…

Yeah I do that once in while too, that method totally looks like a taichi but in actuallity you pulled one 360 during the block stun of the last hit, I thinks it’s easier to do whiffed c.lk into gigas but that method scores those extra flash points.