A little morning advice for my fellow SRKers

Hey… So I read this article this morning.
I think you should too

Great read, I completely agree about setting yourself a standard and never going below that. Making a standard will feed into your goals and aspirations.

Indeed… It was like an enlightenment.

loved the article, thanks for sharing it!

No prob, Jie

Awesome article J. Million rep points.

LOL! I remember rep points. I had those.

good read

TL;DR – I guess this post was beyond my standards for tolerance of post length. :rofl:

No, honestly though, I did read it all and it’s a very good read. Makes a lot of sense.

Honestly, this was beyond my normal tolerance too, but it was well done, and LEGIBLE ENGLISH!.

Ugh, so many font sizes…

I’ll read it when it all when it stops giving me a headache…

Refresh. I fixed it.

Alright, thnks cuzzo…

Shit is good advice…