A little problem for an average/beginner player


Hey guys, this is my first time posting on SRK because I don’t think people can help with my problems on Ultra, but I’m here to try! I have trouble picking my chars because of how I play. I have a very weird playstyle. My style revolves around taking guesses and countering the other player methods. Let’s say if I know that this player likes to jump,srk,or spam projectiles to kill me. What I was planning to do against this guy would be changed to a certain degree and my mind says to try to react to what they’re doing in an instant. Making this transition is very hard cause I have below average execution to block, jump, or counter in crucial moment that might decide if I get to live another round. I’m currently working on these skills but nothing seems to be working. So, I was thinking maybe my chars don’t have what I need to transition from method to method. Like if a chars Anti-Airs depend on position rather than timing, I will most certainly get punished for it, and since I’m not that good at Anti-Airing yet, that leads to my death. Are there any chars that have the things to suit what I need above, and do you have tips for me to improve?


Sounds like you want Dudley/Sakura/Yun/Cammy/Cody or Guy (in probably that order of who would fit you best). Anti airing is a matter of learning which buttons/moves to use at what spacing and then anticipation. Practice practice practice is all I can say. Try using training mode and recording the dummy to just sort of walk back and forth and then randomly do a jump in. Try to make it not obvious and try and learn to consistently anti air that. Make sure to keep changing the recording every now and then so you don’t get too comfortable. The AI Seth likes to jump a lot and AI Adon likes to use his wall dive a lot so you can use those to practice anti airing as well. Nothing is quite as effective as practicing it yourself in matches though.

Also study some videos of players. Don’t just passively watch the matches though, rewind the matches and study things like the distances where characters are jumping and where/what is the anti air being utilized, as well as when they do it. Watch your replays! If you find yourself losing and you don’t know why, go watch your replay! See where things went wrong, what did you do that failed and what could you have done in that situation that would have worked? Keeping in mind, sometimes it’s not just what you did wrong but what you didn’t do right. Keep tabs on habits you think you might be developing. Notice if you find yourself panicked under specific scenarios and try and keep that in mind for future matches.

If you find you just can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, ask a friend or post in your respective character’s subforums! Often players will analyze your match and maybe see something you missed because you were too close to the action to see it or you think a particular option is better than others do. Remember that criticism is not an attack on your abilities but an attempt to help you improve. Of course some people just want to shit on you period, but generally it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between “LOL, ur bad. Why are you posting this?” and “Here is what I think you could do better / You’re relying too much on this / Your XYZ is weak”

I dunno how active it is, but there is a Newbie “Saikyo” section designed to help average/new players. No shame in checking it out or asking questions there as well.


Thanks for replying man! I guess I’ll do another run with Cody and try hard this time. I really thank you for the help!