A Little Quiz for All the Oldschool SF2 Players

Trivia Quiz 01: CPS1 & Dragons

Now what’s up?

Can we do this as a group? Some of these I’ll have to test out but here’s what I (think I) know off hand.

World Warrior Questions


  1. WW: Which characters have air throws?
  • Guile, Chun

  1. WW: Who has the largest arsenal of throws in the game and how many?
  • Zangief: SPD, towards and backwards fierce, towards and backwards roundhouse, towards and backwards strong, crouching fierce throw, crouching strong throw. I know that SPD in ST can be done in different directions to control movement but did WW Zangief have that property with his SPD?

  1. WW: Which characters possess both regular throws and mashable holds?
  • Sim (throw, noogie), Honda (throw, two holds)

  1. WW: The third bonus stage is played between which two CPU opponents?
  • Wild guess…between Boxer and Claw? Bonus answer…barrel stage (after car and cinder blocks?)

  1. WW: Which character(s) can?t crouch under High Tiger Shots?
  • Trick question? Everyone can duck under a high tiger?[/details]

Championship Edition

16) CE: Which (blockable) special move causes no block damage?

  • Answer: Dictator’s headstomp

  1. CE: Which character(s) had the most special moves in the game?
  • Does TAP count as one move or multiple? Because then it could be Boxer by a long shot.

  1. CE: Which five characters have mashable holds?
  • Honda (has two), Blanka, Sim, Boxer, and ??

  1. CE: Which five characters have forward-moving ground normal moves?
  • Dictator, Sim, Claw all have a slide, Guile has back+medium kick. The fifth?

  1. CE: Which seven characters are sporting cranium accessories?
  • Ryu (Ken’s stolen headband), Sagat (pirate eye patch), Honda (ponytail), Chun (whatever the hell those are), Sim (earings), Claw (mask), Dictator (postal worker hat)

  1. CE: List three differences between Ryu and Ken
  • Ken’s roundhouse and forward throws rollover multiple times whereas Ryu just does a short one toss, Ken’s hurricanes combo and Ryu’s knockdown on first hit, Ken’s fierce DP combos and Ryu’s doesn’t[/details]

Hyper Fighting

  1. HF: Which three characters had a complete set of rapid fire weak attacks?
  • Guile, Boxer, Ryu, and Ken? Not sure I understand the question. You mean rapid fire jabs and shorts both standing a crouching?

  1. HF: Which five characters had no rapid fire weak attacks?
  • Sim, Sagat, Claw, Blanka, Chun

  1. HF: What were the eight different projectiles in the game?
    Ken’s FB
    Ryu’s FB, Ryu’s Red CPS1 fireball?
    Sim’s FB
    Sagat’s high and low TS
    Chun’s FB
    Guile’s SB

  1. HF: Which two special moves are completely harmless?
    Claw’s flipkick and off the wall jump without followup, and Sim’s teleports…hey that’s more than two :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. HF: Which characters possessed charge specials?
  • Chun (fireball, SBK), Honda (headbutt, buttslam), Blanka (rolling attacks), Dictator (headstomp, scissors, psycho crusher), Boxer (TAP, dash punches), Claw (rolling claw, off the wall attacks), Guile (flash kick, sonic boom).

  1. HF: Name four special moves that offer movement control after initiation.
  • Zangief’s lariats, Claw’s off the wall, Honda’s handslaps, Dictator’s headstomp (after it hits)

  1. HF: Which character?s new costume color is selected with the Start button?
  • Dictator, the red and white colors

  1. HF: Name five special moves that can be executed without using the joystick.
  • Blanka’s electricity, Boxer’s TAP, Chun’s legs, Claw’s backflip, Honda’s handslaps, Zangief’s lariats…that’s six!

CPS1 SF2 Trilogy Questions

  1. Which SF2 character has a pre-fight intro animation?
  • Probably Claw coming off of the cage in his own stage…or Dictator taking off his cape?

  1. In which game does Balrog?s Turn Around Punch have invincibility?
  • [media=youtube]0QFMsxKZ0A4"[/media]

  1. Which two characters share a location on the map?
  • Aren’t Ken, Boxer, and Guile all from the U.S. and Sagat and Dictator are from Thailand? Or is it the same country but differently marked on the map? Can’t remember off of the top of my head so this is a total shot in the dark.

  1. If you had to use one word to describe Ryu, what would it have to be?
  • Shoto

Um, sure, why not. If people want to discuss and work together in groups, then make one post as a unit, that’s fine with me.

38 - Hyper Fighting, I don’t remember more startup frames on the Sonic booms ?!.

39 - Champion Edition - Dhalsim can be juggled.

41 - Standing far jab, close standing forward

44 - Signs on Ryu’s stage, Palm tree on Sagat’s and barrels on Ken’s.

48 - Ryu and E.Honda (JAPAAAAN !!)

49 - WW Guile

That is totally amazing, Maj! I’ll come up with my set of (guessed) anwers asap.

My anwers

[details=Spoiler]01) Psycho Crusher.
02) Chun Li, Guile and Claw.
03) Zangief, 7.
04) Chun Li, Claw, Guile (throw), Dhalsim.
05) Zangief, Dhalsim and Honda.
06) Boxer and Vega.
07) rolling ball, barcelona attack, psycho crusher, tiger uppercut, do not know.
08) 7.
09) Dictator (scissor kicks) and Boxer (dash suppers).
10) Guile, Ken, Blanka and Zangief (lol at this one).
11) 8, 11.
12) Chun Li, Claw and Zangief.
13) Ryu’s signs (2), Ken’s barrels (1), Guile’s boxes (2), Bison’s statues (2).
14) Zangief.
15) Did not understand

  1. Head stomp.

  2. Zangief, Honda, Blanka and Dictator.

  3. Claw, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and Sagat.

  4. Don’t know.

  5. Blanka, Gief, Boxer, Honda and Dhalsim.

  6. Guile, Dhalsim, Claw, Dictator, unknown.

  7. Claw.

  8. Honda, 5.

  9. Did not understand.

  10. Ken’s tatsu does not knock down and does not have invulnerability, his angled jump fierce had different hitboxes, + others (shoryuken, hadouken, kick throw)

  11. Ryu, Ken, Guile

  12. Honda, Blanka, 3 unknowns

  13. Ryu, Ken, Guile, Boxe, dunno.

  14. hadouken, tiger, sonic boom, kikouken, yoga fire.

  15. yoga teleport and Vega’s flip.

  16. Guile, Chun, Boxer, Honda, Blanka, Dictator and Claw.

  17. Blanka, Zagief, … ?

  18. head stomp, barcelona attack, ???

  19. Dictator’s.

  20. electricity, hundred hand slap, TAP, kick lariat, punch lariat and flip (6 in fact)

  21. 5 (Ryu, Ken, Guile, Sagat and Honda)

  22. Dunno.

  23. Hyper fighting, recover; super turbo, hitboxes

  24. a bug in Dhalsim’s air recover.

  25. No idea.

  26. far standing jab

  27. Guile, Claw, Dictator, Boxer and Sagat.

  28. Shoryuken, Headbutt, Ryu’s tatsu, lariat and don’t know (tiger uppercut?).

  29. Ryu’s stage signs, Ken’s stage breakable stuff, Sagat’s stage tree.

  30. They are cancellale on hit.

  31. Dictator.

  32. Hyper fighting

  33. Dictator and Sagat

  34. Don’t know

  35. hadoooouken![/details]

got dam ! I don’t know ?

Bored in class, I’ll give this a shot and continue later.


[details=Spoiler]1. electric thunder
2. Guile, Zangief, Chun-Li, Claw
3. Zangief, easily. I want to say he has 14, though it’s probably less.
4. Dhalsim, Claw, Chun-Li, Dictator
5. Zangief, Honda, Dhalsim
6. Claw & Sagat
7. Honda headbutt, Blanka ball, Tiger Uppercut, Flying Barcelona Attack, Psycho Crusher
8. Five
9. Gonna guess Boxer and Dictator, hell if I know what they are.
10. …Didn’t all of them?
11. Before: Six After: Eight
12. Chun-Li, Boxer, Zangief
13. Four types. Individually, I think there’s six.
14. Totally guessing here: Zangief, Dhalsim, Honda
15. I dunno, Zangief?[/details]


[details=Spoiler]16. I have no idea… Boxer’s kick charge?
17. Zangief, Honda, and Dictator
18. I think Claw had four
19. I suck at these technical questions… Sagat?
20. Boxer, Dhalsim, Blanka, Zangief, Honda
21. Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, Dictator, Claw
22. WTF? All I know is Claw has the backdash/flip, so I guess it’s him.
23. er, I dunno… Honda. He has the fierce and the toward-roundhouse and roundhouse?
24. Seven, huh? Well, let’s see… There’s Dictator, Sagat, Claw, Chun-Li, Ryu. I guess Honda and Dhalsim if facepaint count. I’m hoping Zangief’s mohawk does not count as an accessory.
25. Fuck. I know one for sure is Ken’s barrel roll kick throw. I’ll say another one is pure cosmetics. And uhh, oh hell, I dunno, Ken’s hurricane kick doesn’t knock down.[/details]


[details=Spoiler]26. Ryu, Ken, and Guile
27. Dhalsim, Blanka, Sagat, Honda, Claw
28. Ryu, Ken, Guile for sure… And I’ll guess Blanka and Chun-Li.
29. Tiger shot, hadouken, yoga fire, sonic boom… uh, does the red hadouken count? yoga flame, low tiger shot? oh, and kikoken, of course.
30. Claw’s backflip and Yoga teleport :karate:
31. Dictator, Claw, Boxer, Guile, Blanka, Honda, and Chun-Li.
32. Claw, Blanka, Zangief
33. Dic’s headstomp, Flying Barcelona Attack/Izuna drop, Hundred hand slap, and Gief’s lariat
34. Total guess here… Boxer.
35. Lariat, Hundred hand slap, Lightning legs, Electric thunder, Turnaround punch
36. Hmm, six?
37. I really don’t know since I mostly had to guess on the last question. Dictator?[/details]


[details=Spoiler]38. I’m not really sure how to answer this question. All I know is that World Warrior booms only have one speed: really fucking slow. But honestly since Guile can follow it up with anything, I don’t see it as a “bad” thing. A slow projectile isn’t always useful, though.
39. Uhh, I dunno, getting hit too high in the air with a still-vulnerable hitbox.
40. Both the buttslam and upball hit on the way up and down, but only the downward hit causes a knockdown. (another guess).
41. His unique standing jab, close standing forward, and standing roundhouse. He’s probably got some jumping normal too, but I’m not sure.
42. Claw, Boxer, Gief, Guile, and um, Dictator?
43. More guessing… Hundred hand slap, Spinning bird kick, Yoga fire, Dash straight, Rolling crystal flash
44. Goddamn. I wish I knew this kind of stuff on-hand. I’m gonna guess the tree in Sagat’s stage, lack of the Capcom ship in Ken’s stage, and confetti upon victory in Boxer’s stage.
45. The only cancel-able sweep in the game, whether it’s blocked or not?
46. Dictator
47. Not even sure about this one, sadly. But I’ll say Hyper Fighting.
48. Sagat & Dictator - Thailand
49. This is a tricky question… But I’m going to say Super Turbo since one of Muteki’s famous combos involves s. short xx Flash kick. And since the nature of the question doesn’t limit the answer to a single game, I’ll actually risk saying that he can do it in every game. What makes this tricky is the reassignment of the kick strength used for bazooka knee.
…Fuck, now I have to test this stupid theory out.
50. Of all the aggravating questions in this quiz, this one is taking me the longest to answer. I guess I can’t really talk though since Maj thought about it for nine months. Fortunately, it’s not an aggravating question.

Tireless would be an excellent answer here, for a man who can sleep anywhere. But I think I’ll go with Insurmountable.[/details]

Nice quiz, Maj. I’m looking forward to the answer key.
All questions were answered by only using my brain, as agonizing as it was.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to try this. Here are all the answers:

Trivia Quiz 01 Solutions

Please review them, share any problems you had with ambiguity, and point out any mistakes you may find.

I have to load up AE and try this shit out…

  1. Are you fucking serious? Zangief didn’t have airthrows in WW?

  2. Ah, my count was correct, but I added +4 since I thought he had four fucking airthrows like he does in ST.

  3. Dictator doesn’t have his j. jab animation from ST?

  4. Had a feeling it’d be those two

  5. I could’ve sworn all of them had a little (if brief) cutscene right after you beat down Dictator on his own stage. Guess I’m learning a lot today.

  6. I miscounted, I think I forgot about the second crate on Guile’s stage or something.

  7. Wow, seriously? That’s quite a shocker. I guess he has enough cheap shit in CE :rofl:

  8. Yay for technicalities. I didn’t think Sagat had Tiger Knee in CE.

  9. Damn, I totally forgot about the neckbreaker.

  10. FIVE? I swear, this kind of trivial knowledge must be great for entertaining party guests or something. Knockdown s. short is retarded, even dumber that Honda has it. I had a feeling it was Honda, but I didn’t know it was that many.

  11. :rofl: My last two guesses were way off.

  12. Hell yes, I actually got this one right. Of COURSE the red hadouken counts.

  13. Close one for a guess

  14. Wow, I had no idea. But now I see why people say that CE Guile is the best version (Unless you’re a sick fuck that enjoys dizzying people in two hits).

  15. I remember seeing videos about that, but never thought about that specific situation.

  16. I wasn’t sure if you meant those characters receiving hit stun or dealing it. Either way, looks like I was wrong.

  17. I only know this because I went through a phase of loading up AE for the sole purpose of practicing WW Guile doing j. fierce, s. fierce xx flash kick. I swear to God, landing that combo makes you feel like a man.
    Anyway, I also mentioned his s. roundhouse since it’s a totally unique animation to the SF2 series (even though he got it back in SFIV and got something like it in his ST version’s close s. roundhouse)

  18. Fuck, close but no cigar.

  19. Rather atrocious guessing on my part

  20. Damn, playing all that AE fucked with my head. Oh well, at least I got the tree right.

  21. :rofl: I’m glad I got this one right. I gave it some thought and remembered the old “Tomo teaches SF” tape that’s now widely circulated in nostalgia. It was for HF and being able to TAP through fireballs is a big deal.

  22. Surely enough, after I was done taking this quiz, I tried s. short xx flash kick with each version of Guile and very strangely only WW and ST can do it.

  23. Credit to Mopreme for originating that phrase :tup:

My total score (Not counting partial credit)
Hell yes! Not bad for just using my wits. And it’d be even higher if partial credit were to be awarded.

Maj, I’m hoping you can shed some light on a Guile question I’ve been wondering for a long time now.

Why the fuck did Capcom give him a kick airthrow when he doesn’t even have a kick throw on the ground?

I have no idea. If i had to guess, maybe it’s because they gave Guile command normals with F+MK and F+HK back in World Warrior. So maybe they thought it would be dumb if they gave him kick throws because then the commands would overlap and nobody would ever be able to pull off what they wanted.

Then they forgot this was the plan and gave everyone overlapping commands but still never updated Guile’s throws.

Until SFA3 anyway. He has F+PPP and F+KKK throws in A3. CvS and MvC2 too.

Trivia Quiz 02: Superior Turbulence

Back like an SNK boss!

I’ll stick to Super Turbo for now:

Super Turbo answers:

19) ST: Generally speaking (exceptions aside), how many new costume palettes did the average returning fighter receive?

  • two: a new jab color, and a slightly altered old character color (in case of an old character mirror match I’m assuming)
  1. ST: How many characters have no eyebrows on the character select screen?
  • Guile, Sim, Blanka, DJ, Dictator, Sagat, it’s too hard to tell for Claw, so either six or seven (though Akuma could be considered a wildcard answer because he’s nowhere to be found on the character select screen)
  1. ST: Which of these things is not like the others? Ryu?s super, Honda?s super, Chun Li?s super, Dhalsim?s super
  • This question can be answered in multiple ways:
    • Dhalsim’s Super cannot be used as a reversal (Ken and Sagat also share the same bug)
    • Ryu’s Super, as a fireball, is independent of his body (whereas everyone else stays connected to the main hitbox of their Super)
    • Chun’s Super is activated with a kick whereas Ryu’s, Honda’s, and Sim’s Supers are punch commands
  1. ST: Which six characters can set their opponents on fire?
  • Ryu, with the red fireball
  • Dhalsim, yoga fire, flame, air flame, Super
  • Dictator, psycho crusher
  • Akuma, red fireball
  • Ken, fierce dragon punch
  • Fei Long, flame kick
  1. ST: Which two supers can not be whiffed?
  • T.Hawk, Zangief, and Claw cannot lose their Super meter without it being a successful Super, that’s three actually, but I’m guessing you mean that Zangief’s Super can ‘whiff’ against a reversal special attackm but it’s really his normal SPD whiffing because of overlap and not a specific whiff animation for his Super
  1. ST: Which characters can control their supers after superfreeze?
  • Boxer, you can change if the attacks are kicks or punches
  • Blanka, you can delay his rolling motion
  1. ST: Which characters have both an overhead attack and an attack which can juggle?
  • If instant jumping overheads qualify as overheads then there are more answers, I listed characters with instant jumping overheads
    • Dictator, has jumping forward as an instant overhead, and Super and j.strong can juggle
    • Boxer, has two jumping instant overheads, Super can juggle
    • Fei Long, has a normal overhead, flame kicks, chicken wings, and Super can juggle
    • Ryu, normal overhead, j.strong and Super juggle
    • Ken, crazy kick overhead, Super can juggle after a high anti-air fierce dragon punch (? random guess)
  1. ST: Which characters single-handedly negate the throw softening mechanic by their presence alone?
  • This question means any character that just has holds and no normal throws:
    • Boxer, he has two holds but no normal throws
    • Blanka, just the fierce hold, no other throws
  • Every other character has a normal throw that can be teched, also O.Characters cannot tech throws, but N.Characters can tech throws from both N.Characters and O.Characters
  1. ST: Which characters can perform a juggle combo against a non-jumping opponent?
  • Dictator, Super floats opponents into jumping strong punches
  • Chun Li, Super floats opponents into up kicks
  • DeeJay, Super floats opponents into up kicks
  • Claw, kick flip opponent into the air, kick flip them again[/details]

I agree with VF4’s answers on those questions so I’ll just answer some of the other questions:

ST trivia:

  1. 5: The exact order of the 8 costumes according to The Tournament Battle (or the 16-bit versions’ Tournament mode) is LP (TWW), MP (CE), HP (HF), LK, MK, HK, Start, hold

  2. 5: Zangief’s double lariat and turbo double lariat (counted as 2 moves), Dhalsim’s near and far teleports (counted as 1 move), T. Hawk’s dive, boxer’s turn punch. Claw also has 2 backflips but they’re normally regarded as special normals instead of special moves

  3. 1: Chun’s fireball dissipates from her HF days

  4. It’s the only special air throw but you’re probably looking for something a bit more esoteric than that

  5. I’ll take a guess here from most common to least: stars, birds, angels, reapers

  6. From lightest to heaviest: angels, stars, birds, reapers

  7. Sagat’s MK tiger uses a kick button and hits low

  8. Ryu, Honda, Blanka, Guile

  9. ?

  10. ?

  11. ?

  12. Ryu (hadoken & shakunetsu) and Dhalsim (yoga fire & yoga flame). Technically, claw’s izuna drop overlaps with his barcelona attack too but Sagat’s low tiger doesn’t actually overlap with tiger knee (which is d,f,uf)

  13. air tatsu doesn’t go in a straight line anymore, all tatsus have less hits, hadoken recovery now based on last normal input

  14. 4: Guile’s P, Zangief’s P & K, and Cammy’s K (no P yet)

  15. 4: Ryu (attack to tatsu), Ken (attack to tatsu), Chun Li (triangle jump anything or headstomp or attack to whirlwind), claw (triangle jump anything)

  16. HP: shoryuken is invincible the entire way up and HP goes the furthest

  17. Blanka, Zangief, dictator

  18. Double zanku hadoken for the AI

  19. ?

  20. ?

  21. Ken’s qcf-K (instead of c.K->hadoken) and Zangief’s green hand (instead of any c.P or spd)

  22. 6: Chun Li, Guile, and Sagat (in the corner)

  23. 0 or 4: Zangief, T. Hawk, and claw have throw supers so they don’t register on the combo counter. Honda, Dee Jay, and dictator have the least hits on the counter at 4

  24. 3: Shinku is 5 hakodens in 1 so 2 of those should get eaten up by the sonic booms

  25. 3: Different s.HP, s.HK, cl.HK

  26. Ryu, Guile, Zangief, T.Hawk, Sagat. Blanka is an iffy (since 3K builds meter, I consider it a special; however, it’s listed in the special normal section of all the guides I’ve seen)

EDIT: Fixed a couple of obvious discrepancies regarding the different supers and Guile’s different close move

Minor correction for one of your answers.

Super (Turbo) Quiz

I damn near forgot about this. I’ll take the time to answer it now.

Super SF2 Questions

  1. Off to a rough start here, I dunno. I’ll guess two.
  2. Five
  3. This is a good question worth knowing, but my education here is incomplete. Chun-Li for sure. And I also know that Ryu’s hadouken eventually disappears. I’m not sure if those are the only cases, so I’ll include Ken in my answer.
  4. I dunno, as far as SSF2 goes, I’ll say it’s the only throw capable of interrupting a reversal that hits on the first frame.
  5. I believe it goes something like Stars, Chicks, Angels, Reapers (listed from most common to rarest)
  6. I believe it goes something like Chicks, Stars, Angels, Reapers (listed from least severe to most severe)
  7. Uhh, there’s probably some kind of strange Maj technical answer to this, but I’m gonna say that you need a kick for Sagat’s low tiger shot.
  8. The selection screen is probably different than that of ST, but since ST is my only real basis of knowledge… Ryu, Guile, Honda, Zangief, Boxer, Sagat, Fei, Hawk. I’d like to point out that the question doesn’t require they be listed in order from left to right.
  9. I assume this doesn’t include the ones that cause a knockdown? It’s still a tough question to answer so I’ll guess the rolling crystal flash, Dic’s headstomp, yoga fire. There’s probably more.
  10. …What? I seriously can’t think of an answer here, not even a guess.
  11. See, I can at least guess this one. Yoga flame, TAP, and Hawk dive.
  12. I’m not really sure. I wanna say Cammy and I think Sagat.
  13. You can throw a red fireball, does that count? Shoryuken only hits once in all circumstances and aerial hurricane kick doesn’t travel SBK-style.
  14. Okay, I’m gonna guess that Gief got his airthrows in this game, so that’s four. I’ll say that Chun, Claw, and Ken get theirs as well, making seven. +2 from Cammy and +1 from Fei, making a total of 10.
  15. Three
  16. Jab is my natural answer here
  17. By invincible, I’m going to assume you mean full invincibility so as to provide a proper first-frame reversal. Chun-Li, Dictator, and either Dee Jay or Boxer. I can’t remember if Boxer has the headbutt in super or not and I know for sure Dee Jay didn’t have his jacknife. I’ll have my final answer include Dee Jay.

Reading through the Bradygames AE strategy guide so many times helped me out on that one. Hopefully that’ll help me out in the ST portion as well. Rubs hands
Here goes

Super Turbo Questions

18. I think CPU Gouki gets the double air fireball, right? If that’s not it, probably the teleport. I’ll say the fireball for my official answer.
19. Again, I don’t really know. There’s a ton of colors you can pick from though, so I’ll asy five.
20. I love this crazy question, so I’ll think hard about it. I think five.
21. I never even noticed to be perfectly honest, but since the question asks for a quantity, I’ll guess two.
22. Dhalsim cannot use his super as a reversal.
23. Six? Really? There’s that many? I’m sure it’s not that hard to figure out. This is one of those questions that Maj puts in the quiz just to make you appreciate the game more. Dhalsim, Ryu, Gouki, Dictator, Fei Long, and Ken. Boy, I really stalled on that last one.
24. Ryu’s j. strong, Dictator’s j. strong, and Honda’s super. I think that’s it for exactly two, I’m not sure about Fei. If his juggle potential is anything like Dee Jay’s, it’s quite variable.
25. I’d say Gief’s green hand command and charge back + forward.
26. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Guile and Chun’s supers are six hits. (I think shoryureppa is five hits)
27. Honda’s, T. Hawk’s are two hits. Claw’s and Zangief’s are three.
28. T. Hawk’s super and Gief’s FAB, of course. But I’d argue that Claw’s super fits the criteria as well. It’s just like the grappler supers in the sense that it either comes out or it doesn’t.
29. Boxer and Blanka
30. Five. Isn’t this a recycled question from one of your earlier works? :wonder:
31. …Wow, after giving it some thought, I think this is another one of those Maj-makes-you-feel-warm-and-fuzzy-about-ST questions. I think every character with an overhead (instant overheads included) has a juggle attack as well. Ryu has his toward strong and j. strong. Fei has his toward/back forward and chickenwing and super. Chun has her headstomp and upkick. Dictator has his j. forward and j. strong. And Boxer has his j. forward and super.
Actually, Ken’s the only one that doesn’t really have a juggle (unless you count [media=youtube]wCseWmfIjzU"[/media]… Okay, I’m sorry. I apologize for bringing up HDR in this hallowed place.)
32. I’m pretty sure this question was on the previous quiz too. I think it’s probably Gief and Hawk.
33. Dee Jay can combo into a juggle, Claw can get the extra hit from his flick, and Dictator & Chun can juggle post-super (and Dee Jay).
34. Ah, wouldn’t be a Maj quiz without a difficult Guile-specific question. I seriously don’t think I can even answer it. I can’t think of any differences between the two aside from being able to steer the s. forward (which O. Guile can probably do).
35. Ryu, Dhalsim, T. Hawk, Sagat, and Guile[/details]

I guess an objective of these quizzes is to make you feel good about what you already know.

Maj is now officially amazing in the eyes of the SF2 community.

I’ll build on what others have not yet answered. If I repeat, it will be cos I’m sure.

Super and ST stuff

  1. Cannon spike and vertical rolling attack.

  2. Ganelon (you pronounce it GAYnelon, it’s a Vega player (lol, joke)) got Ryu and Sim, but there are also Akuma and Gief (depending on how one performs SPD, but OK, that’s being too picky).

  3. Hadouken: more recovery, new (projetile itself) startup properties, disappears after a short period. Tatsu: all versions lost startup and recovery invulnerability, short version spins only once, roundhouse version covers (much) less distance. Air tatsus: Gan got it, I would say the weird thing that you can never (or almost never) combo an aerial attack into them is also noteworthy. Fierce shoryuken knocks down and does a lot of damage.

  4. Double air projectile, definitely.

  5. ST color (jab) and alternate old color (code + jab+short).

  6. Chun’s super can be followed with a juggle after it hits and does not dissolve projectiles. Or Dhalsim’s super, which can never be used as a reversal.

  7. Ken’s crazy kicks, enough said. Only the special roundhouse (hcf+any kick) does not annoy people.

  8. Blanka and Balrog.

  9. Fuud’s missed Sagat’s new TU.

  10. I believe O.Guile only has the reverse roundhouse as a normal that N.Guile can never obtain, even by using a different button or changing the stick position. N.Guile can use backwards and forward sobat kicks (2), an ordinary roundhouse (3), a straight fierce (4) and a donkey kick (5).

Edit (feedback on the first trivia): As for the original one, air throws have not been considered for 04. Question 17 does not consider the hitboxes behind the character’s centre.

One my answers is wrong because of a glitch. Zangief’s SUPER throw can whiff but only due to a glitch. And here it is in all its glory!

How exactly does that glitch work? How would I reproduce it?

The Gief super bug is when he reversals when being crossed up. There is a video from Maj, the Guile one, where he escapes the damage by throwing him in the air, somehow. I will just assume this is Maj’s stuff and weird things happen, I don need to understand them!


Thanks for the response oldschool_BR. Both those videos show the glitch happening after a cross-under. Maj’s video shows Guile walking under Zangief after a teched throw, but he doesn’t use an airthrow to escape it, he just does a cr Short chain. Really weird stuff. I’m guessing this glitch still exists in HDR.