A Little Quiz for All the Oldschool SF2 Players

Trivia Quiz 02 Solutions

I’m sure over 90% of these are accurate but there might be one or two worth discussing. If you find any mistakes, don’t hesitate to bring them up here or there.

I did pretty godawful this time around (then again, I only got half correct on the last one).

1 (& 19). Ironically, if I switched my answers for 1 and 19, I would’ve gotten both right.
2. I probably forgot about the Hawk dive and either one of the lariats or backflips
3. God, why did I put Ken in my answer? What is it about fighting games and tests that play off your insecurities? :crybaby:
5. I’ll just count this one as correct because I need it.
6. I answered this one wrong, though.
7. Yay for open-ended explanations
8. 'Course the SSF2 selection screen is totally different from ST, so I feel like an idiot.
12. Such an easy question, but I didn’t answer right.
13. Close, but no cigar
14. I answered this one wrong anyway and I was surprised to see that Fei wasn’t on the list. I just checked my AE guide to see that he got his airthrow in ST. sonuvabitch.
15. Totally forgot about the jab into hurricane
16. ouch
17. Well, shit.

I got a total of two correct answers on the Super portion.

  1. This motherfucker is a pain to fight.
  2. I think I might’ve forgotten about Dictator and Blanka or someone here.
  3. Way more than I expected
  4. Technically correct
  5. Two right in a row? ohmahgahd
  6. Well, as least I got the greenhand right
  7. Yay, I can count.
  8. Throw supers don’t register as combos? Booooo
  9. Fucking FAB glitch :sad:
  10. I remember this one taking me a moment to answer, but I got it
  11. I got this one wrong last time and I got it wrong again.
  12. In retrospect, I have no idea why I said Dhalsim

I guess I don’t know as much as I thought about Super Turbo. I only got six right, for a grand total of eight on both portions.

Great stuff, Maj!

As for mistakes and missing things, in Q26 Sagat’s super is missing. I hits 6 times if the enemy is cornered.

Really? Against who? I’ve never seen that. I know the tiger knee part can do up to 3 hits and the uppercut part can do up to 3 hits, but i’ve never seen 6 total.

On the Japanese version, against Gief and Honda, it sure works. I have only tried as 2nd player on the left corner, but I suppose it works on both sides. I can try and check on all other characters, but I gotta get home first, which should only happen in 6 hours or so.

Update: I’ve tested it earlier in the morning and it seems to work on anyone who is cornered. The only requirement, besides the enemy being in the corner and on the ground, is to be close enough for the first part of the super (tiger knee) to hit three times. The remaining three hits will occur in any version (Japan, US, ETC, …), on both sides of any stage and with any speed setting.

PS (off-topic): thanks for the message sent to the Brazilian community together with Sarda’s translation of the footsie articles. Your work has been much appreciated by the whole community. And I did try to make a video for one of the challenges (the Ryu one), but I guess I just suck. I could never combo the 2 roundhouses and I had tried both the first and the third bonus stages.

Weird. I know i tested that, but it works every time now so i can’t even figure out what i was screwing up before.

Regarding the message, no problem sir, it was my pleasure. Did he translate all of them btw? Cuz the google docs link only seems to have seven chapters, and i can’t even figure out how to download from google docs just so i can have a personal copy of the original file.

Anyway i linked to it from the main Footsies Handbook index in case anyone happens to find that before they find the translation.


He is still translating it, man. He is doing it during his spare time, I suppose, so it may take some time.

Edit: you are welcome, man. Peace!

Okay cool, thanks for the info. I don’t mind if it takes a long time; i know it’s not easy translating slang and technical terms. Just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t some weird glitch on my end cuz i’m not familiar at all with google docs.