A little Street Fighter Megamix Track

Hey guys, thought I’d share my little homage I made to the game of all games, it’s my entry to the remix comp so wish me luck!

It’s dubstep so if it’s not your cup of tea, avoid haha

Thank you for playing! :wink:


any and all feedback is much appreciated! haha :wink:

That was pretty mental, obviously put in a lot of work creating that, now go home and be a family man :tup:

No download link? :tdown:

Also what remix comp??

hahaha cheers for listening, no download on this particular track as it’s for the comp…http://www.facebook.com/streetfighter?sk=app_265724393490104

thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile:

definitely the best track in the competition pal.

It’s grown on me more and more with each listen so bravo, once Ryu theme kicked in then all the way through to Balrog I was like :eek:

What did you use to create this? Will you eventually do separate tracks?

There was another guy on here posted a track he made on soundcloud called Red Parry, worth checking out if you like the SF themed dubstep.

[S]Where can I hear other submissions??[/S]

Can’t read

EDIT: Agreed I am Ironman comes second. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the other submissions, far better than anything I could come up with though :rofl:

I used ableton 8 to make it pal… I may do individual themes one day, just really wanted to kill this remix comp right now! haha
The track -
yeah it kinda tells a story, starts with Ken, he dies, then Guile comes, pulls a special off which kicks the track up a gear, then he dies, Ryu has a go, throws a few hadoukens, kicks it up a notch, hit the dragon punch and wins…bonus stage… then sagat, same thing, specials kick it up a notch, then Balrog… as his theme is the best to finish! :smiley: then again, I smoke a LOT of weed. hahaha

Thanks again for listening :slight_smile:

the more i listen the more i want other fighters and sound tracks adding!!!

hahaha maybe after the comp :slight_smile:

You got to do Akuma or Adon (alpha theme) :smiley:

i say keep adding characters and background music remixes on to the end so in the end its like 2 hours long!

Leave it to the British for some good dubstep. This is very nice.

Thanks for listening, Aku! Glad you like it! :smiley:

funny you should say that, Akuma is my favourite and Adon is my main!

if I win this comp I’ll add every character hahaha

I like it alot. Good job! XD

thanks for the listen and the comment brother. Much appreciated :slight_smile: