A little thought invoking question



I assume most of us will continue maining gouken. So I ask any else excited about his new potential, any new characters your looking to pick up as an alt and any new match ups looking forward or dreading in the coming months?

I can’t wait to see denjin and its possibilities. Looking forward to picking up makoto, t hawk. Cody and juri and Hakan seem like they are going to be trouble.


Well I’ll never stop maining the old dude, his moveset just fits me so well, the only thing he lacks for my traditional method of playing games is speed, which is probably why Juri looks so enticing to me, she’s still got the directional fireballs and counters I love, albeit trading in direct damage from the counter for mind game setups and a less distance covering fireball, but it’s startup can stop fireballs, and here ex pinwheel looks like it can fill the hole for ex tatsu and in return I get the speed I’ve missed so much :slight_smile:

The only matchups I dread are online fuertes and repetition, we got 10 new characters and rebalancing, I hope the Shoto/Tiger core will see a little more variation thanks to that. Hakan does seem like he’ll be lots of fun to go against :smiley:
All in all, I just can’t wait for the game to get here, there will probably be some Cammy and Makoto playing on my end besides the big G and Juri and maybe I’ll look at Chun again, parties haven’t been the same since I broke up with her, but damn if I haven’t told her I hate it when she uses charge instead of input.


I think I’m fine sticking with Gouken, he will probably still be one of the least used characters on the game, which is great for us - bad for them. Capcom has given us the ability to trade hit’s > Full Ultra with the Denjin!!! This is great!! I’ve been fucked up by Ryu plenty of times with that.

I may pick up T. Hawk or Guy as an Alt. I try to stay away from the frequently used bunch.


Gouken or bust here.

Twink Hawk and his pink bolero are supplanting 'Gief, my ‘Saturday night-Sunday morning main’, however! :karate:


Goke dog all day…! Did anyone else notice by now when you play GoukenFighter 4 it looks kinda the same as superGoukenFighter 4 scheduled for release late apr. It looks like they’re adding a few new characters that I won’t use much.


LOL… Dudley and Hakan are probably going to be the trouble matches from this new group.


Gouken is a solid mid tier for the most part. A buff or a nerf in any way can throw the character into god tier or obscurity. From what I’ve seen so far, the real problems that Gouken faced with Ryu and Sagat could very well be over. Sagat still has the rather safe tiger knee, but he can’t keep up that stupidly easy block string in the corner since they removed the fs.lk cancel. Also the fact that Sagat is down to 1k health and deals MUCH less damage overall, I think the nerfs to Sagat just made it a 5/5 match.

The thing I’m wondering is if the kongo still has the armor property to it. Initially when Juri was first shown off, she had the armor property on her absorb stuff, but apparently that’s been removed from more recent reports. Dudley’s counter seems to lack armor, but he still withstands a little bit of damage. I’m looking forward to seeing if Gouken has the same properties.

Other than that, Denjin looks interesting. Probably stick to The Equalizer though. No charging up to deal more damage afterall!


I’ve played Dudley for so long that I might start maining him, but I’m excited to see what Gouken can do.


Yeah but what about that fancy new wall bounce? For instance, (slight theory fighter here then) in a corner combo s.FP -> EX DP -> ultra -> hp hado -> tatsu? Or midscreen EX DP -> FADC -> ultra -> hp hado -> sweep for reset shenanigans? :smiley:
I think that little blue ball’s got some potential, just gotta dig it out.
Altho I’ll probably stick with old faithful as well, but it’s still interesting, as you say :smiley: