A little USB help (pics)

So I’m soldering the “play and charge kit” for the 360 to a USB “B” type instead of the “A” type and am not really sure which point goes to what…

Does anyone here know which wire goes where? :sweat:

any help would be much appriciated!

Edit: Photobucket shrunk them a little, so if it’s hard to see I can provide bigger versions… I’m also calling the top “thicker” black wire “Gnd” It’s just a name though, I’m not sure if it’s actually a ground.

I’m afraid I can’t help, but I gotta say those are some nice pics :razz:. I’m so tired of seeing “oh hay sory 4 da qualaty dis was taken w/ my mobile lol” and a whole load of camera shake on other forums.

Haha thanks!

#2 is kinda fuzzy because I cropped the hell out of it, but taking good photos is one of the perks of being a photographer :rofl:

Google 'USB pinout’
The colors used by the wires and their purpose are pretty much universal. You can’t get a USB logo on your box unless you follow their anal retentive requirements which includes color coding the wires inside the cable. The thick black ‘wire’ is the shielding of the cable, which you can connect to the metal of the housing if you want, or just ignore and it’ll work fine.

Thank you Toodles!

That’s a great help, but just one more thing…

When looking at the USB port above the two prongs (I have them A & B) would go to the bottom row pins? And the lower ones in the photo (C & D) would go to the upper row pins?

The pinouts are perfect, I just didn’t see one that said which prongs out of the bottom connect to which pin on the inside of the port.


Looking at your connector I’m guessing:


Pin Wire Color Function
1 Red V BUS (5V)
2 White D-
3 Green D+
4 Black Ground

5 on the sheild as Toodles says.

I knocked this up for you real quick, an educated guess though:

It matches how its laid out on the Cthulhu’s, so I’d say go for it.

Awesome, Thanks a ton everyone!

I’ll test it out tonight

Works perfet you guys! Thanks! :tup:

lol seriously. That second one looks like the blur is on purpose. Your camera does great macro work.

Haha thanks, It’s the lens though mainly…

Not much stays in focus when your that close and at f2.8 :wgrin:

Seriously though with macro if all else fails use a tripod, I just cranked the ISO up, but if you cant do that a tripod will do wonders taking pics of small intricate things…

What about using a Neutrik - NAUSB-B (Female USB A to Female USB B) joiner
to convert the xbox 360 Male USB A cable to a Female USB B socket ?

Unfortinatly I just saw that they made those last night after I had already wired evrything up… In the future I’d probbly just use one of those as their only a couple bucks more than the female B USB socket itself.

This should work well for this project though because I have to mount a couple of these guys and some other things in a chunk of wood that’s a little on the short end, so if I had those converters it might not all fit due to the extra space they take up…

But seriously… I’m making room for them next time, It’d make everything go that much quicker