A little video I made - detailing changes to Rufus in SSF4 AE 2012

Hey all,

I made a video highlighting the changes made to Rufus in AE 2012. It demonstrates how these changes affect his existing Bread and Butter combos, as well as punishes. Included would be some practical uses (combos/punishes) of these changes.


I know some of the newer combos aren’t included, e.g. j.hp -> ex gt -> lvl2 fa -> dash forward -> etc.

Gotta find time to make another one with more of these newer combos, and with more practical punishes.


Good stuff. Extremely helpful and thorough. It’s so good now that Rufus has a reliable and damaging 4 frame punish. It’s expensive for sure but there are going to be times when you absolutely have to use it.

Good stuff!

Nicely done sir, very detailed vid :slight_smile:


Fantastic, going to training room right now