A lost Chun Li needs help to get it together!

Hi everyone !

After reading and following a lot of your posts, I decided today to step forward and ask for some advice myself.

I have SF5 since Day One, and I’ve been watching tons of videos, practicing, combos, links and stuff and playing online. After a session today…I almost lost my mind. I lost 17 times in a row. Yes, it’s pathetic.
I was playing Chun Li in SF4 (and I had quite a lot of hour spent in his game) and I was not that bad.
In SF5, it seem I just don’t understand how the game works.

  • I’m pressured again and again, rushed, ambushed by players that are far below in ranking and I don’t seem to find any solution without a EX meter,
  • I guard when they rush, and when a special goes in the guard (or a target combos, etc), I try to punish…and I’m the one taking a beating
  • It seem that everyone is at their advantage except me.
  • I’m shut down…and i start doing stupid things (jumping like a retard, trying stupid stuff, neutral jump a wake-up) and end up biting the dust.

The only thing I can think of is that, I don’t have some basics, clear tools of Chun Li to react correctly. It looks like everyone is understanding the game better thatn I do and I’m completely lost.
I’ve been playing fighting games since SF2, and I never experiienced something like this.

I may sound stupid, I apologies for that, but please, if someone can put me back on the right track I would be really grateful.
Thank you all

Honestly, knowing how to AA correctly is the most important thing for a new (and we’re all new ATM) Chun, IMO. If you can keep them on the ground, then they shouldn’t be able to easily rush you down; your good ground buttons should be able to keep them in check fairly well. Also, as you recognized, you should basically NEVER jump; her jump is so bad that it isn’t even laughable. V-skill is better, and IALL is the most viable option for air movement. Remember how long-range her overhead is and use it at its max range against turtle-type players (it’s decent after you throw out a light or EX kikoken to cover you, but it still isn’t great). Know each and every one of your buttons, as they’re all useful in some instances.

Also, don’t rely too much on sweep and cr mk as some new players tend to do. Sweep is very unsafe (its almost as good as Karin’s, but spacing it to safety is hard/impossible), and cr mk is nowhere near its 3S version. Basically, earn to use your other buttons well, and use them to harass your opponent. When they try to fireball, use a cr mp to tag them/advance forward. If they jump, then use one of your many anti-air options. Take advantage not only of V-Trigger (which is very possibly the best in the game ATM), but also its activation, which can make unsafe moves safe (a la sweep) and can allow for some really good conversions and hit-confirms where they would otherwise be impossible (cr mp, cr mk, st hp, b+hp, etc.).

Good luck!

Just FYI there’s a Q&A thread you can post in for help. I don’t have the time to write up anything too meaningful, but my transition from SF4 was really rough so I kinda get it.

You really have to utilize spacing and pokes for chun in this game. Do not try to get up in everyone’s face, you don’t have focus attack to fall back on. The most important aspect of SFV is to block. Block block block. Then, block again. Wait for your opponent to make an opening (or maybe bait one if they’re scrubby) and punish hard. So use training mode and make sure your execution is on point. Your pokes in neutral game are essential, not going to list them all, almost all of chun’s buttons are great. Be patient and chip off their health this way. If you have the health lead by doing this, back off (not right into the corner) and let your opponent come to you. In the meantime AA them (EX SBK, st. lk, b+hk, air throw, etc) and as they get desperate continue to punish. I really had to reel myself in with this iteration of chun and it was hard, but I’m getting a hang of being patient and knowing when to press buttons. Be careful not to throw out anything unsafe, you have to be completely certain, the damage received will be huge otherwise.

Not sure if that helps at all, it’s pretty straight forward, but I had to teach myself to chill after SF4 and this is what I realized.

Best of luck!

You can use the Beginners Thread as well. SF4 Chun and SF5 Chun are completely different characters from completely different games, so don’t sweat it too hard if you don’t make the jump and transition smoothly right away. (I still haven’t :sweat: )

Thank you all for your advice ! Really !
I was suspecting that there was a thread for helping players already, but wasn’t sure if it was the right place. Sorry for that.

It’s kind of reassuring to see I’m not the one struggeling !
I think my problem is really to admit to got down to the basics, and not rely on the technics and habits I had in SF4.

I do use sweep far to much (how did you know !? ^^), and I need to find some tools that are safer than that to control, attack and zone. So I guess that some of the things i saw like poking with st mk or st hp is better, and trying to get consistant with cr lk => lk legs seem better to attack/counter.
I take good note of the VS too ! I was wondering about the real use of this, you guys helped ! I will train to get the combos out of this too.
I am forgetting something ?

Oh, and some more questions :

  • Do you guys use cross-ups a lot ? With VS or df-HK ?
  • what is your favorite wake up game/option ?
  • waht do you guys think of instant air legs ? Usefull or far to advanced to really try to do something with it fo now ?

Thanks again for your help !

Sweep is definitely tempting, but it isn’t quite Karin-level, so it shouldn’t be used too too often. All of your buttons have uses, so learn to use them all.

I don’t know if you mean cr lp xx lk legs, but cr lk cannot be cancelled. Cr lk, st lp xx hk legs is the best combo off of a cr lk, with another st lp before the cancel being possible at close ranges. From a cr lp, the best you can get is lk sbk (without meter), or mk legs without charge and at any range from which you cannot get a st lp link. Keep in mind that cr mk xx hp kikoken is a pretty good blockstring, especially compared to some other fireball blockstrings in this game. Always have charging in mind so that you have it as an option when appropriate. It’s -4 on block, so be mindful.

I don’t cross up too much, but V-Skill is pretty good. Df+hk will never hit anyone with eyes, but it can be good pressure to throw out every once in a while, especially vs characters who cannot do an autocorrect reversal. I went up against a pretty scrubby/random, button-happy chun yesterday who actually threw me off with a few df+hk (it never hit, but even blocked moves are good news in this game). There’s a REALLY stupid corner mixup with V-Skill where your j mk will cross up, but you’ll land in front, and another where you can either j mk for a crossup, or lk air legs for a non-crossup. There are videos on it if you’re interested. The former is pretty much unblockable, though situational, so that’s worth learning.

On my own wakeup, I usually block (unless my opponent is a serial thrower). I’d rather be thrown than eat a counter hit combo. Ex sbk is occassionally useful, hitting on both sides and doing good damage (170 dmg; half of our super’s 340 dmg for just a bar!). A lot of players struggle to punish it as well, but don’t count on that; it is heavily punishable. On the opponent’s wakeup, mixing between throw, tick throw (cr mk is the best for spacing as it requires no walking forward, but is minus on block, so cr lp/lk is often safer), and meaties like b+hp and f+hk, both of which can deal massage damage as meaties and especially as counter hits. Meaty cr mk xx v trigger is a good hitconfirm tool which, if blocked, leaves you in a perfect scenario to throw the opponent or go for a blockstring (such as cr lp, cr lp, cr mk xx hk Kikoken or b+hp xx hp/ex Kikoken).

IALL is slightly overhyped (I’ve heard it’s the best “divekick” in SF history, which I disagree with), but it is still VERY good, especially for a character with a below-USF4-Elena-tier jump. Learning to use it is very important. Try the 23696+mk (?) input; it’s very consistent, though it takes getting used to. Just don’t be too obvious or whiff the move too much from mid range, as it is reactable and can be punished. Getting it out at its minimum height is the key, and certainly worth learning, as are the st mp, cr mk xx sbk combos.

Wow ! Thx Soul Satellite for this !
A lot of good advice in there !
Well with all this I guess I can go back in training and rethink a few things about my Chun before going back on the ring ^^

Thank you all again for your replies ! They helped a lot (and will even more in the future) !!