A lot of frame-data inconsistencies between SRK Wiki and Prima Guide


So which one should I be using? So far I already discovered a mistake in the Prima Guide in Ken’s Cr. MP frame-data so it seems there are mistakes present in there. And in the Prima it’s listing certain moves like Karin’s St. HP as -4 on block and I tested it out in training mode and it’s not punishable, which means that the SRK has the more accurate number, which is -2 which makes sense. So basically Wiki seems to be more accurate than Prima.


Seems to use some info based on Beta3 information. Go by wiki.


Neither. Use V-Frames or FAT.


Except VFrames uses gilley’s frame data which is what is on the wiki barring a few tweaks for new stuff for things he missed/didn’t add. There is some stuff still missing for v-trigger things (which will be added as soon as new layout is created by james) but it’s based on the same stuff. Only difference is that @gilley worked with @jchensor on the wiki and I dunno if gilley approved use of his frame data for the apps. Also vframes dev himself said that they didn’t verify the data themselves. There may be stuff on there not on the wiki ATM but the base of everything is from gilley.

So yeah. I’d say stick with wiki which is being worked on by people actually testing stuff, learning the indepth game mechanics and working with the creators of the original frame data and also did work on the SF4 wiki. @Gilley, @Dantarion, @Jchensor, @Xeolleth, and myself. As well is techlords like toolassisted @v-ryu @doopliss @alioune and @jav1ts who are continually exploring, verifying, and sharing stuff on twitter or youtube.


If you’re looking for things like startup, hit advantage, block advantage I would say use the wiki data. I wasn’t able to figure out active/recovery frames from video analysis. I used dantarion’s page and compared with the Prima guide. I haven’t put up the “total” frames yet because when I was comparing my videos to the Prima guide, I noticed my Total frames would be off by 1f sometimes. I decided to go back an re-record a bunch of moves I noticed were 1f off. In the new recordings, they match the Prima guide exactly. Looking at the old videos I’m 100% sure my data was 1f off.

What this means is that there is some kind of slowdown that is occurring with the PS4 version of the game the produces more frames of animation. The recordings didn’t ust pause for 1f, I saw extra tweening. This could potentially also mean that some of my data is off. This kind of stuff happens and we’ll just have to deal with it as issues pop up. I would say 98%(or more) of the data is pretty good though. It really sucks that my data has the potential to be wrong due to slowdown of the console version. I really don’t want to have to go back and re-record EVERYTHING on the PC version or whatever. Even then, I don’t know if the PC version lags or not too. We didn’t have this kind of problem with SF4 :frowning:


When I’ve record stuff I’ve been keeping steam FPS overlay on to make sure it stays at 60fps constantly for each testing and I do several attempts of the same move to make sure that they match up when repeated. I haven’t had any trouble yet, but I haven’t done a lot of them.