A Lot to take in

Ok, so I main ryu. As of now though I want to try to main Viper, or at least use her as a secondary. I’ve always been interested in picking her up, but I used a controller back then, but as of recently i got a fightstick. So with that being said, I want to try using her. I read the stickies, but I posted to see if there are some good tips you can give a newbie like me. For instance, what are some bnb’s, good punishers, etc. Thanks in advance

bnbs = lk, s.lk, c.mp, mp thunder knuckle.
mp, mp, mp thunder knuckle
hp, ex seismo, jump cancel into burn kick… followed by ultra if you have it or hp thunder knuckle in corner
and then same thing but fierce feint fierce to start it

you will probably intially find that something like hp into mp thunder knuckle is easiest to punish at a moments notice, her crouching mk is a good poke range wise but it doesnt come out all that fast so you can’t just walk up doing it a lot like maybe a ryu or ken would with theirs. Her jumping mk and hk are good crossups.

Read the strategy threads, watch some vids, figure it out. Ask specific questions in the Q and A thread as you start to experiment with her. You won’t figure out anything with Viper unless you take it upon yourself to learn. Asking to get baby fed Viper info will just have you confused about other things later on.

all the info you are looking for is their u just have to not be lazy and take it upon yourself to actually but in the time to actually learn her, the Q and A thread is their to answer 1 or 2 specific questions but we are not your slaves to give you the info your asking for, thats why the stickies are made for ppl just like you, i understand your new and looking for help but take the time to look for yourself, if every new viper player came to the forum and did what you did and make a new thread asking for help and such we would be flooded with garbage, thats why the stickies were made so you guys have a place to ask your questions.