A macbook and my wireless router

I have a netgear wgt624v3 and it is constantly fighting with my mac wirelessly. However, if I’m using an ethernet cord it’s fine. Is there some sort of special setup I have to make for the two to work together? I’m really bad with wireless router setups so any help is appreciated.

Can you describe the problem a little more thoroughly? My Macbook Pro has worked fine with all the wireless routers I’ve been around, but maybe I can help you. :slight_smile:

Thats all I really know. I connect to it for like 5 minutes and then it quits. I try to reconnect but it says I’m inputting the wrong password or the connection timed out. My macbook works and everyone else’s router except mine. I’m not really sure to try to remedy the problem. If I unplug the modem and router and then plug them back in the macbook will connect for a while, then just fuck up again.


Do you have any static IPs assigned, or is everything assigned via DHCP handouts? It sounds like there might be a conflict going on.

Can you take a screen shot of your settings for your network settings for airport on your macbook?

I’m actually on the router now, however my pc is off and so is my 360 and wii. Maybe they are just all fighting each other?


Yeah, I did that a couple weeks ago but I believe I fixed everything by setting up the access list on the router. Anything wireless that I know what device it is I’ve allowed, and as I type my friend is using the macbook while I’m using the PC so I believe I have solved the problem.

Nevermind. It just blew up again.

I had Azureus running on my macbook it displayed a port blocking error on the macbooks IP and then it was not only the mac but the PC internet connection shit out as well. Could it be my router or my modem? and how could I find the problem if it is one of the two?