A martial art you may have not seen before

thought this was cool

5 person OCV

same guy in special match

short tae kyon documentary

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^ yeah tea kyon is the predecessor of taekwondo, if youve ever seen the movie fighter in the wind, it was there. i always wanted to learn traditional tae kyon, but nowhere teaches it anymore, 'least not round these parts…

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well you know you guys could actually discuss Taekyun in this thread then it wouldn’t be just a video thread.

I’ve never heard of this Martial art… Seems kind of boring for a sport, but I can’t exactly tell what the point was, like it’s mostly just about leg strikes or something?

in competition, a kick to the face or throwing your opponent on the floor wins.

those of you in california and texas can find places to train, those of us in the eastern US have to wait a few more years. There are a few people from maryland and new york training in korea right now.

Those videos are kinda boring examples.