A Marvel collection disc. Would it be possible?

Seriously, would it be possible. With all of the collection discs that Capcom has been/is releasing lately, from 3rd Strike/SFII (kinda anyways) to the Alpha Anthology, to Darkstalkers collection. Why not a Marvel collecion? It does’nt seem like it should’nt be impossible. Plus the fact that older Marvel arcades like X-Men: CotA and Marvel Super Heroes don’t exsist in arcade perfect form (well, I don’t know about CotA, but last I heard, Saturn ver. of MSH is’nt good, and PSX just sucks ass) unless you either have them on MAME, or they are in a local arcade somewhere (in which, if an arcade has a game that old, it probably does’nt even work).

There are only 2 issues that could be a slight problem (and even then, the first issue should’nt even be a problem) from there being a Marvel collection.

Hardware. From X-Men: CotA, to Marvel vs Capcom1, and all of the games in between have all run on the CPS 2 hardware. So putting these games and having them run on a PS2 should’nt be a problem. Both Alpha and Darkstalkers collecions have quite a few games on the disc, so I see why putting these games would’nt be impossible. As for putting MVC2 on the disc, they could probably get away with not putting the game on the disc for two reasons. One, it was recently (within a few years) ported to both PS2, and XBox. The other reason being that it runs on the Naomi, so emulating/porting would be rather difficult/impossible to do. lol

The only real problem I can think of is the fact that Capcom does’nt hold the Marvel liscense anymore. But IIRC, as long as any of the games do not include new features to the gameplay, Capcom should be able to release it. After all, Capcom was able to release MVC2 on XBox after the loss of the Marvel liscense, but could’nt add the Live feature cause it was a added feature to the gameplay itself. But if the games are just being ported/emulated, this should’nt be a problem right?

The Marvel series (X-Men, MSH, Vs. series) was rather popular here in the states, and agian, with all of the other collection games that Capcom is releasing, why not a Marvel one. Realistically, it should be possible, right?

I’ve been asking for such a thing myself for years but there must be some kind of provision Activision must have with Capcom to keep them from re-releasing their previous X/MSH titles.

The uninformed will say “no because Activision owns the license” which by most means is true. But Capcom actually owns a good majority of stock in Marvel (they’re the reason Marvel Comics was able to survive the bankruptcy a few years back), but something must be keeping Capcom from going forward witht he series or re-releasing the older content.

Believe me, I’d be the first in line to pick up a collection disk that had all the X-Men, MSH and Vs. games in one calling. But then again, of all the classics that Capcom has been re-releasing, why haven’t we seen Aliens Vs. Predator or the Punisher side-scrollers released? Has to be a licensing issue somewhere.

I wouldn’t mind having any of these, so long as they are arcade perfect(meaning all of the infinites and stuff, movement etc where all intact), then yes, I would actually love to see this happen.

xmen children
xmen vs sf

should all be able to fit on a single dvd… so yeah… that would be sexy

collection would be nice… or capcom could just give us a perfect port of MvC2


maybe we should email capcom and tell them to make that collection game (if they aint already making it)

I just want an arcade perfect port of MSH and I’ll be happy.

I can’t tell if he was being serious, just trying to start shit, or just an idiot.


That’s what I mean, not everyone has the means playing playing on Mame.

Yeah, that is something else that made me wonder, but just like a Marvel collection, maybe it can happen, but maybe we just have to wait. Alien vs Pred was an awesome game!

Capcom already released a first disc with plenty of classic arcade stuff on it. In the future they’ll probabley release a second disc with more CPS1/2 games like Captain Commando and AvP later on.

Capcom already released a first disc with plenty of classic arcade stuff on it. In the future they’ll probabley release a second disc with more CPS1/2 games like Captain Commando and AvP later on.

Try a single CD-Rom.

I guess i’ve just been spoiled by emulation. While i think a PS2 collection/port of those games would be cool and i’d buy it, i’m still not holding my breath for a release. As i have all those games and more on Kawaks right now.

Dude…A collection would be the shit and then some. It should have:

DVD 1:
Marvel Super Heroes
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

DVD 2:
Marvel Vs. Capcom
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (ARCADE PERFECT, DAMMIT!)
and as a bonus, Rival Schools: United By Fate (Evolution Disc Version)

has nobody played the Dreamcast version of MvC2? wtf

umm… no. the ROM dumps are small, as they always are small. console games are different. MvC1 on DC was about 200 MB, MvC2 was about 300. then to throw four more games on there? no, doesn’t work

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