A massive EVO related fuck up

You ever think EVO is on one day (The 26th) but really find out its on another, much closer day (The 12th)?

Yeah. I did.


Anyway, who else has made EVO Plans and royally fucked up in the process of finalizing them?

Cool story bro

So uh… why the 26th?

I don’t know. For the last two months I was thinking ‘Yeah man its on the 26th, end of the month!’

And, well, I don’t have any idea why I thought it was the 26th. Dementia? Psychological Breakdown from Tournament Stress? I don’t know. I fucked up.

All I can say is;


WTF…did I just read a fucking blog post?

To paraphrase Mr. Wizard - “It’s on the damn site.”

Always check the homepage of the damn Evo site when scheduling your fabulous Evo vacation and your family truckster rental.

Yeah, I just bought my plane tickets yesterday.

We should try to do a tally of who is going to Evo. I’m curious if there are any GD peeps that I care to meet IRL that are going.

Yeah. I fucked up. But god dammit, I am NOT going to miss EVO.

GD usually has a evo meet up thread around this time or in the EVO forums. Personally couldn’t due it this year once again money and possible other things. Enjoy it i say!

I’m going again. Got stuck in a pool with LPN…welp guess more partying time for me!

This thread makes about as much sense as your avatar.

This is now a thread for Project X Zone videos.

Every year we have some dumbasses who cannot read who miss evo or ask to sleepover at someones hotel because they couldn’t organize shit. We do not give a fuck!

I wasn’t a dumb ass til I re-read the event posting. Then I became a dumbass. I accept this.

An introspective, self-actualizing post that admits one’s own mistake(?) on the internet, and on SRK no less? Okay, you get a pass for blog posting.



Woops wrong thread and I can’t delete through my phone…ignore:)

remember when evo had good games