A matter i want to know more


I think this should be placed in the magneto thread, but i consider that Magneto-Psylocke combinations, although there are a lot of this already, but it’s so messed up.
This issue is about Magneto’s ROM (launch sj.hk addf lk lk, [sj. lk lk addf lk lk])
i want to know what other resets can you do aside from what i’ll list below, this may be done with or without an assist if you may(psylocke on this case). although i only know a few,but i want to know more, also the reason why i placed XXX is that you can also place other possible characters who can do reset while on this setup.

What i know: (from ROM already)

  1. Cross up c. lk+psylocke c.lk
  2. (no crossup) c. lk+psylocke c.lk <— this is the first reset i’ve learned
  3. Cross up c.hk sj.addf hk c.hk ROM again
  4. Cross up sj.addb hk <— im having trouble with this,i end up grabbing
  5. Cross up Launch then sj.addf hk c.lk c.hp <-- double reset
  6. j.lk+psylocke j.lk hypergrav launch sj.addf hk c.lk c.hp
  7. j.lk+psylocke j.hp hypergrav launch sj. addf hk c.lk c.hp
  8. sj.addf lk(wait to land) c.lk c.hp
  9. Crossup s.HK Shockwave <— neat one if it connects

well. that’s all i know, i admit there are tons of people really way better than me that’s why i want to learn from you. Thanks

I don’t know how much help I can be, since I play MSS, but I do all of the stuff you do plus…

cr. hk xx sj addf hk, wavedash, cr. hp into what you want to. What this does is, the character rolls away from you when you hit them with the ad. hk. Then you wavedash towards them, and what ends up happening is that if you did it correctly, then the opponent does not know which way to block because you will end up on a random side everytime when you launch. An easier way to set this up with Psylocke is: any Psy hit, cr. lk, wavedash, cr. fp.

landing from a rep of the ROM, nj ad f + Psy. This still works sometimes as well.

ROM for a bit, then sj. lk, sj. lk xx addf(to the other side of opponent) LK, ad lk, continue ROMing. If you look on some videos, you’ll see this in some of them. Note that I have that third lk in caps, because that has to be a regular lk, not a d + lk. That’s pretty key.

But that’s some I know that I do, but it’s all about being creative. Mix and match. And get random with it. I hope this helps though.

this is a good reset, but you’re missing a free 5-fierce combo (7 fierces if you count the opener)
c.HK xx sj. addf HK, dash, c.HP /\ sj.HP xx addf HP-HK, c.HK

leave off the final c.HK and you get the same reset opportunity that you posted plus 50 or so damage extra :]

is this the “jose garcia” one? i’ve heard of it and how it is done, but never had actually seen it, i may have seen it though, but i can’t tell if that’s the one or not.

btw. thanks for yer replies.

Yeah, it is.

You know, I never thought of that. Appreciate that for real.

yeah u can do all sorts of crazy shit off of c.HK, trijump HK

  • dash, c.LP+psy (optional attacks afterward, MP, HP, psy will link just after c.LP)
  • c.HK, anything (ROM, sj. add something, rejump something into unmashable)

anything really, just make sure it starts with dash then c.LP, c.HK, or c.HP because everything else will whiff

just think of it like this there are 8 ways to rest them while ROM

crouching resets ( C.lk, into whatever)

overhead resets ( Tri jump agian, Or my favorite, dash under then square back to the original side)

Cross up Crouch resest ( dash under c.lk into whatever)

Cross up overhead( either Super jump tri jump hk(make sure the back of the hk hits by delaying the air dash downforward, also if delayed long enough the Magneto will actually turn to face them), Or just dash under then tri jump them.

thats the 4 for hits

you can also grab them in four ways

ground grab ( stop while Roming to see them come down then grab into whatever)

dash under grab( this one usually works better because the dash under makes them think of hit, rather then a grab so they will most likely block, but in time people do develop the reaction to tech hit at the last sec.)

Air Grab( Add more hits to the rom like sj. lk, mp, mk, Air dash down, d.lk, mp, mk. That way they recover in the air, and then just jump grab.

Air Cross up Grab( same as above with adding more hits, then just dash under Air grab.

With all these grab resets you’ll usually want to call an assist before you grab that way the grab throws them into the assist so you can do a follow up.

Here are some good choices.

Ironman AAA
Sentinel Drones
Storm Typhoon
Doom’s Rocks

And for some pretty points you can also throw them into cable’s grenade. lol

so yeah just think of Reseting with magneto as a choice between 8 points, and then just figure out ways of hitting them.

Crossup grabs aren’t useful since you tech out of them the same way. Plus, it’s kind of confusing to re-aim them back into the corner unless you happened to be ROMing away from the corner.

don’t forget the best reset of all…

rom -> do something to look like you’re going for a reset -> block, call psy

also remember there’s about 3 or 4 ways to put your opponent in each of the situations gouki10 described, learn to use fake trijumps, delayed trijumps, double trijumps, etc…

the real position you want to reset from is when the opponent is knocked down after flying screen. best way to get them there from rom is: opponent at average rom height, land from rom, sj (up forward). LP-d+LK xx addf d+LK-HP. when your opponent is in this spot, he can’t call an assist til he gets up, and it has to be done as a reversal. also, since he’s getting up, he can’t mash out with jabs/shorts.

fake trijump (you know already): jump add (or addf) HP whiff
delayed trijump: jump add (or addf) LP – add LP can be done as fast as possible, addf LP needs a tiny delay. I call this a delayed trijump because trijump down LK is so fast compared to this, it almost looks like you did a fake trijump and then the LP comes out. mix these up when they’re getting up, you can also whiff any trijump the instant before they get up, then c.LK for the fastest 50/50 mixup in the game

Gimme Mags lessons nigga!

The best advice i can give to someone wanting to learn Magneto resets is to watch vids.

And to go to trainning mode a make resets off of 5 fierce combo, and rom.

also you can get pretty with s.hk sj cancel resets(first hit), or tumble resets off of otgs then dash up xx

whoa. i never knew there was such things as those. thanks a lot.

i’ve been trying to do this, but i can’t seem to figure out what to do next

from ROM - Cross up c.hk, sj.addf hk (land) call storm-a quickly, then wavedash to the rolling opponent, now when i get close to the opponent, it’s either he blocks or gets hit, but there are times that when the opponent gets hit, i am already slightly far away or most of the time he/she can block

keep wave dashing until you cross them up then, when they get up you either.

A. Crouch. lkxxMagnetic tempest. These is an unmashable set up, because the crouch. lk will give enough hit stun for the tyhpoon to hit while you cancel to tempest.

B. Don’t call your assist, and instead wave dash until you are on the other side then square jump back with hp, hk, and combo into whatever.

You could also do a tri jump when you get to the other side but most people seem to block that, BUT you could also do a Double over head/ or Whiff tri jump, c. lk. into whatever.

Magneto is such a random combo character. lol

whoa!! that’s so damn hard to pull i think. the timing is strict since a small error might cause yer opponent to retaliate …

good one. i realized there a lot of things in reset. when i was new to learning resets, the only thing i had in mind was to let the camera go to the direction of the opponent when i dash or crossup quickly as not to see my magneto going from one side to another. LOL

anyway, thanks for all your help.

to make it easy, don’t move the stick when you do the dash until you KNOW that he is doing the air dash.

When you do the air dash, and he goes back to the orignal side, hold the stick back towards the oppenent so that he doesn’t keep going forward due to the momentum.

Remember to just super jump and press the two punches and leave the stick in neutral until you cross them up.

hold on. on the square trijump thingy. magneto needs to face the opponent when he does this? or he just needs to backdash into square trijump, based from what you mentioned (neutral), magneto needs to face the opponent first once he gets passed the rolling opponent am i right? i’ve seen vids that their magneto doesn’t face the opponent when square trijumpin, they do a back sqaure trijump then sj.hp sj.hk

super jumping and pressing dash (no direction, so it defaults to toward the enemy) will cause a square jump crossup regardless of wtf is going on. so forced roll setup, dash/wavedash in, super jump up, PP (neutral), HP-HK. like gouki said after the airdash aim your stick towards the enemy.

oh … i get it now… i didnt know that. thanks. i’ve tried it a while ago. yeah it does dash backwards towards the enemy.