A message for the community

A message for the community

I have been playing video games my entire life. Most often RPGs recently, but when I was a kid it always about fighting games with me. When fighting games made their comeback with them finally having online play since arcades are hard to find, I found myself right back to where I always wanted to be. Sadly when I came back, I found that internet and gaming don’t entirely get along quite yet.
I first realized just how bad I was; this didn’t come as a surprise. What did however is when I got online to get help, the word scrub came up often and the more I read the more hatred I saw for struggling players. On top of this, those struggling players get angry and say ridiculous things that give the skilled players more ammo which only helps in expanding the problem. So I would find what I I had needed and I went on my way.
I’m still no good but I feel I can help the community in a different way, educating them as best I can on many different problems we face today. What I truly wish for this community is a better understanding of both sides of this conflict in this online and offline community so that it can grow.
What scrubs need to know about skilled players

Skilled players have dedicated large amounts of time to become as good as they are. most are very willing to help, however there will be others who find they are superior and will only offer ridicule, ignore these types.

Skilled players will use advance tactics that will frustrate you and convince you they are cheap. They are not, your saying this because of your frustration. Calm yourself and try to pine for information online about how to fend off these tactics and use recording mode in training to replicate this tactic.

When a Skilled player gives you advice, listen to them. They really are there to help you; you just need to let them.

** What skilled players need to know about scrubs**

Scrubs are most of the time just looking for help, there will be ones just wanting to get something off their chest through the forum. While it is tempting to flame them and tell them to stop whining, but instead try simply giving them non-condescending advice and be on your way. They will be thankful.

Scrubs may not have the dedication you do to the game. They may just play for fun. You may wonder, if this is the case then why do they so desperately want to win rather than just play? This is simple, winning is fun.

Not all scrubs are convinced their good, most of us know just how bad we are. There are those who are too confident, ignore them.

Community issues

Many people say if you don’t go to a tournament you’re not doing anything for the community. This is an outrageous statement. First off these fans** **buy the game and support the company who brings you the product your tournaments solely rely on. Second not a lot of these people even have the money, transportation, and free time to travel so that they may go to these tournaments. That being said, when these people (I’m one of them) get these things, I bet you they’ll jump the next plane to Vegas for Evo.

Will mass media pick up on the fighting game world and begin to give the television time to hit a wider audience? Not in the current condition it is. While we are just large enough for endorsements I don’t think we are willing for the moderation and restrictions of big media (ex cussing is discouraged).

Be aware of trolls. Most of the time these angry gamers on both sides have been roiled by trolls or they are trolls. These people are obviously saying things for the sole intent of pissing you off. Ignore them in every shape and form of the word.

People try to say that scrubs is a term to befit the beginners who won’t learn. This is merely a cover, despite you saying this I guarantee you that’s not the way you actually think. I’m not saying don’t use the word scrub; just don’t use it in hatred

I know not everybody agrees with this. Either way, if you do or do not, please let me know what you think. please disregard any troll that roll on through here.


Basically saying shit that has already been said numerous times…

it really sucks when people post using a black font color when I have the dark theme on. :\ but I digress.

haters gonna hate. this is the internet. someone sasses you, either don’t take it personally or just report to the mods to avoid a flamewar. plain and simple.

It’s actually FGD…

yeah i noticed XD. you caught me before i could delete the post

That what things like the newbie section and SRK Wiki are for. The problem is when we get a bunch of real scrubs who think that every problem is because of the game.

Can’t beat so-and-so character, it must be because that character is OP, not because they’re doing something wrong (because in their minds, they shouldn’t have to play to win… to win.)

fuck it then

I believe Seth summed it up best with his article on how “you can lead a scrub to water…

Seth was an elitist bastard who stereotyped a whole group of people.

There’s a difference between a noob/scrub/ect and being a player who bitches/moans/whines/cries/ect. The list goes on but I’ll end it there.

Actually, a scrub is a player who bitches/moans/whinges/cries/etc.

New != scrub and vice versa.


also, props to you for repping the Philippine SF4 scene! we need more tourneys, mang. the marvel scene needs to level up lol!

Yeah, people need to realize the meaning of scrub. That, and I’ve seen my fair share of veterans act scrubby.

We’re trying to grow beyond SFIV (hence the change to Pinoy2DFighters.com), but the communities are fragmented. Alot of old 3S players just up and retired. meanwhile the Marvel and BB/GG communities tend to do their own things.

Nice to see someone who made a call to ignore trolls make a troll post themselves… :bluu:

Let me guess…are you a scrub?

Wow, I think you ruined any point you tried to make with that ‘witty’ retort.

You seem to think that any time someone cries out for help, they should get immediate assistance from the closest skilled/more knowledgable player. Yet none of you seem to bother to look for help on your own. Is it that hard to type “SFIV Beginner Guide” into google? Is it too difficult to search a forum and find the masses of beginner threads? Don’t you think that after having the same questions asked a million times - the reason why those threads are there - that people are going to get really fed up simply because you cannot even look for yourselves? No, it’s because you’re lazy and you can’t be bothered, because posting a new thread with your crybaby whining is quicker than actually bothering to research.

It’s like a child in the back of your car on a very long journey constantly yelling “are we there yet?”, you can put up with it only for so long before it just becomes too much. You’re not babies, you don’t need to be led by the hand and fed by a bottle. I mean seriously, how blind are you? It says “Newbie Saikyo Dojo” at the very top of the forum, it’s the first thing you can click, you actually had to scroll down past it to make this stupid thread. Can you not see why people find it unbelievable?

This doesn’t need to happen.

You wrote a message that’s too long to read … in a font that’s too difficult to see … to people that don’t really care …

The irony is that the flames toward the post you have scribbled together will light up the dark text

I don’t think you know what a ‘scrub’ is…

Like, learn a few things before you type out an essay, damn.

here are some things that you should know
a noob != scrub
a noob is someone who doesnt know about fighting games, or its new about a particular game
a scrub is someone that can be a noob but it can be also someone who has some sort of understandig about the game, but starts making excuse for their loses, random rules on the game like not spamming fireballs, throws or shit like that because its not honorable or whatever shit they feel that its cheap cuz they dont know how to beat it, and more importantly they dont want to learn how to, also a scrub in many occasions are people without an educated background on fighting games and what makes them deep, balanced and other stuff like that, that like to talk about the game as if they have enough knowledge on the subject to have a valid opinion