A message from "I am Canadian" to "Fatherbrain"

it’s jack off not"jag off". @I am Canadian grow a brain you moron.

So then, according to Murt!, everybody should stop using any variation of “fug” (i.e. fugger, fugging, fuggit), and make sure the “ck” is where it should be. Grammar and spelling, people, it’s the fibre of life!

NoAffinity…don’t worry about it bro…just let “THIS” speak for this jag off

Jag (as in jag off or jagging around)

Definition: Various forms involving jag have to do with annoying, irritating, teasing, or playing tricks on. To jag someone or jag someone off means to irritate or tease. To jag around means to fool around, goof off. A jagoff is a person who is irritating because of being inept or stupid.

Text example: “I don’t know why she keeps jagging me all the time”
-Dictionary of American Regional English, 1968.

Source: The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE).

Learn that…

…you jag off…

No, I wasen’t being funny, I really didn’t know. Thanks for the information.

Now back to you being a douche.

ya… you really are repping the bitches of canada… go away


I suggest you shut your mouth before i flame kick your faggot ass with Fei

Don’t get me started


You mean Chicken Wing me?

Hey, I SPD’ed ur mom, lol


I am Canadian’s O. Ken makes me weep. :sad:

Just for the record Im Canadian myself and he doesnt rep me…
so dont get the wrong ideas guys…

woo its me HeaTBlazn!

ok ok…enough of this bs!

lol I don’t even understand how my situation came down to all of “THIS”. I forgot all about “Father” lol. Hey yo “brain”? Where you at son? It’s been like what…about a week now? Still no sign of you. It’s true though…“I DO” have respect for you…but i’m not going to put this behind me until your punished. I’m giving you only a few more days for you respond and set up our match…if i don’t hear from you after that…I will dig in the servers of Kaillera and find YOU!

…and you WILL feel my wrath.

well i think its safe to assume this guy is about 12 years old, explains alot really.

well…to tell the truth, I’ve been busy with work and I’ve also been seeing a girl gasp. she’s hawt, too…

Here’s a challenge @ I am Canadian. It’s obvious my friend fatherbrain is too much for ya to handle. Why don’t you try your luck with me? I play on zbattle. a little ssf2. C’mon. You know you want to…

well, to tell the truth, IAC IS pretty good. we’re close in skill level really

I see. Oh well. Anyways, brain, you need to play me again…I’m missin the matches man. Mainly cause no one else will play me.:sad:

Canadian, too bad ST kept desynching last night. That guy ricky wasn’t DGV, though.

r3ko…WRONG! Try again…

fatherbrain…cancel your plans…you’ve got a date with me! :slight_smile:

IzunaDrop…I would love to fight you up on zbattle…but my router is screwed up…i have to figure out how to open my ports or something because it’s just way too laggy

fatherbrain…i’ve gotten better since our last encounter…

Izuna Drop…i’ll play “you” on Kaillera

dbosstick…yeah too bad…who’s ricky???lol

i beat you both. XD.

I thought you were talking to him and I thought you said he was DGV. My bad…

I played him and he sure as hell doesn’t play like DGV (meaning he wasn’t nearly as good as DGV).