A message to ELDERGOD


DOA is a great game so fuck you and your pathetic life and I hope you die

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Man, you’re toying with GOD.

You have no idea what you’re doing.


I once considered buying DOA5 on the Vita… especially after learning one could play with one hand.



every DOA is a one handed game


Official themesong of the thread:


And must be played with a joystick.


Some of the girls if not most look the same, so it always feels like I’m jerking off to playing with the same girl.


No one plays DOA for the game play or the deep, intricate game mechanics, or exciting story.
People play DOA for independent Boob physics, girls in whorish outfits that are only seen in video games and anime. People play DOA to oggle at pretty girls fight each other with psudo-martial arts.
Instead of calling it Dead or Alive, name the series Fan Service: The Fighting Game, as well as Fan Service: The Fighting Game, Beach Volleyball Edition.

Now excuse me, there is this Sports illustrated Swimsuit issue that needs my attention.


Why is this thread directed at GOD?


What’s the Naruto hand signal for “I depict myself as divinity to make up for my baby dick”?

I know this guy it might be useful to communicate that to.


The shit is this thread? Gtfo