A more complete explanation of the Shun Goku Satsu


@Sagatyru I just want an answer to why you mentioned Batman. Where not just gonna move pass that because, it was so…stupid and random! Also your derailing the hell out of this. The focus of this is to determine wether or not Akuma’s raging demon is a physical or super natural attack. I’m leaning towards very powerful physical attack.


it was the noticing of someone walking up to Gouki and killing with a gun which I find ridiculous. as for the SGS into is probably attack that utilizes Chi and to my knowledge most Chi attacks are mostly physically . now if it is a physical attack it’s possible that some one with a strong enough Chi Aura can living through the attack. it might explain why Gen and Gouken were able to survived the attack due to their strong Chi Auras.


There is no probably about the SGS using chi. It is a given. It is described as such directly with SnH (a form of chi) literally saturating Gouki’s cells when he uses the attack. The best info we have regarding the effects of the SGS come from a few things. In particular, we need to look at the animation presented in the Alpha series when Gen & Gouki face off, the animation in SF4 of Gouki attacking Gouken, and (something often overlooked) the concept art of Gouken for SF4 combined with the in-game design of Evil Ryu.

In the Alpha series we see Gouki physically attack Gen and Gen defends a series of blows. He takes his block animation and defends against the hits of the SGS. It’s primitive, of course, but it’s something.

In SF4, we see Gouki reach out to grab at Gouken and Gouken defends without even moving thanks to the power of Mu. Gouki literally can’t touch him in that state. This is actually incredibly similar to Hokuto No Ken when Kenshiro similarly achieves a Mu state against Raoh (Muso Tensei). It made Kenshiro entirely impervious to physical attack because when you are “nothing” you cannot be struck. You literally cannot hit nothing. This wasn’t countered until Raoh was also able to achieve Muso Tensei thereby allowing nothing to clash with nothing on an even plane. Later, Kaioh was able to use his demonic aura (which is…let’s face it, what SnH and psycho power are stolen from) to disrupt Muso Tensei’s state…until Ken perfected the technique.

Looking at these facts, reinforces the notion of SGS as a physical technique.

Now, the concept art is what I consider a great smoking gun. Check this out…

Now check out Ryu Final’s art…

And finally, Evil Ryu in SF4

Check out the recurring theme: a huge penetrating wound that has healed (or hasn’t yet in E. Ryu’s case…)

Gouken’s concept art is supposed to show him scarred after suffering the SGS.

Ryu Final’s art is of him after countering a strike from the SGS.

And Evil Ryu? Wellll…seems like he got hit with the SGS too, didn’t he? A nice, raw infusion of SGS through the attack. Boom. Evil Ryu. Conjecture, but based on quite a bit of support.

So are we to believe a haphazard attack from a bunch of demons all result in the same, recurring scars? No way. It is a martial arts technique that murders the opponent…most likely with a final strike through the heart chakra point of the chest. The concept art and other designs clearly support this. Ryu Final, a manga by someone that is pretty much a godfather of the SF themes and characters, would NOT depict a massively radical departure from what Capcom intended the SGS to be…they just wouldn’t. It would make so little sense and, especially nowadays, it seems totally the reverse where modern SF is being HEAVILY influenced by the quality of the mangas like Ryu Final.


I agree and I remember it being said that Gen uses Chi in all of his attacks even his normals.


Dude, great points, and holy crap, I’ve never seen that Gouken art, yikes, someone as strong as him could survive it, but look at the state he’s in, that thing must be horrific to witness and experience.


just read RYU FINAL its less words than OPs post and pictures! :3