A Much Needed Crossover!


Hello SRK members!

I’m new to the board, and I figured this would be the best place to get this out, I was kind of given the go ahead to get signatures for this petition to have Namco develop a SoulCalibur vs Samurai Showdown game. I think it would be an awesome idea, but yet it hasn’t come to pass. And with Namco’s apparent receptivity to crossover collaborations, this seems to be an appropriate step, right?

Please sign the petition and show your support!

Thanks! :wink:


A Much Needed Crossover!!

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Why not? I mean that latest samurai showdown game was such a big soul calibur rip off.


inb4close :coffee:


After those guest chars in SCIV, I rather see an Star Wars Fighter on the Soul Calibur engine.


SNK/P has a rich history on fighting games, whose franchises crossover since 1994 with the King of Fighters games and more recently with Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.
They don’t need to crossover franchises with anyone else.

They didn’t need that in year 2000 too, but I guess Capcom offer was too tempting both, monetarily and popularly.


I’d say they need a crossover, namely CVS3. Their fighting game history is rich, but they just can’t stop themselves from fucking up in this day and age. Everything has shitty net-code, and I’m still waiting for the second half of King of Fighters 12 to come out. Much as I love SNK, I loved 'em even more with the Capcom Vs. SNK renditions of their characters. Capcom Vs. SNK 3 is a no brainer, as long as SNK works the deal so they profit somewhat from a new version, it’d be good business for them, just for the brand recognition.


Not actually a fighting game? Doesn’t belong in FGD. Wish threads ------> GD.