A new 100% Stun Combo on Ken



You are on the 1 Player Side. If Ken does a LP Shoryuken close to you from the 2 Player side, and you block or parry (block is more preferable). Ken’s Shoryu rises and, Makoto (WITH METER) is able to do a normal EX FUKIAGE and go under him. After the Ex Fukiage, a forward MP should be done while he is falling to the 1 Player Side. This forward MP causes the combo to RESET and Ken will fall backwards allowing you to dash a bit under him (while Ken is still in the air) and thats when you execute a REVERSE MP Fukiage into a forward high jump HP. This must be executed quickly. Ken will be stuned and you’ll have enough space between him, and also enough time to taunt before he rises up. You also have enough time to do a Super Art II - Abare Tosonami after the taunt. This might work for Ryu and Dudley, Although Dudley will not get fully stunned because his bar is much larger than the Shotos. I have not tried this on Akuma (Gouki). But for Gouki its probably easier to just SAII.

Here are the steps. Remember, you are on the Player 1 Side. Meter is required.

  1. Ken Does Close up LP Shoryu, possibly after a C.MK (crouching medium kick).
  2. Execute a normal EX Fukiage to hit under him while he is falling from his SRK.
  3. Do a forward MP.
  4. Dash after step 3.
  5. Execute a REVERSE MP. Make sure it is reverse fukiage as if your on 1 Player Side.
  6. Forward High Jump and hit Ken with a HP (a karatechop in the air)
  7. Taunt (you have enough space not to hit him with your taunt and time)
  8. Enough time to quickly execute a Super Art II - Abare Tosonami


No direspect to your discovery and this sounds like it could be a good new stun combo, but I don’t think it will get much attention or credit until it’s done on video.


that and i mentioned this in the ex fukiage thread the other day ago >.>


I’ll see if I can make a video of it. It’s fairly simple and takes a great amount of damage.


A) this is not a combo but a reset into a meaty

B) this was mentioned quite a while ago in the general mak thread (think year+ ago)


Any other sweet resets like these on other characters / situations? I think I remember seeing one that crosses up Dudley with a Short xx ex.Fukiage on Dudley roll wake-up? o.O;



i THINK i’d have to confirm you can do

karakusa> fierce> sa2> late tsurugi> dash> jab //// kara short ex fukiage


Yeah I moved into a new place and didn’t have cable at the time and figured all these random setups with the EX/normal dp (if this is what you’re referring to JAK).

On Chun, parry far fierce, EX dp, juggle with f+strong, dash, reverse jab DP (hits meaty), sj Fierce. If you juggle with neutral strong, you can dash and reverse EX dp to ground cross up, reset again, sj fierce, whatever. There’s a lot of goofy stuff like this on other random character normals that you can dp.

The only reliably actual good decision option usually on Ken with this type of setup (also on Ryu and Akuma I think) when I’m not feeling confident on the 100%, you can hit SA2, late mk tsurugi, dash and juggle with strong, dash back and reverse jab DP, sj fierce. This rarely gets blocked because it doesn’t look like you get to the other side, and if it is blocked, you can still sj cancel since the jab dp connected, and either fly away or instant air ex axe kick. This reset is actually useful on Dudley to 100% stun since the normal 100% does not.


nice find