A New and Better way to Spam with Vollnut

I haven’t seen this anywhere yet, sorry of it’s not new, so…

You guys know that Megaman’s C Blaster cancels when you hit the ground.

You guys also know that you can cancel any move in the air anytime you want with his weapon dash(besides any charged blaster and supers)

With all of this known you can:

  1. jump

2)instantly shoot your blaster straight or downward

3)cancel it with a weapon dash right when the ball comes out(Downward shot animation is a little longer)

4)then shoot again with a straight or downward shot.

This gives you two shots right before you hit the ground. The second shot cancels when you land leaving you free to do whatever you want with two bullets heading toward your enemy.

You can also Super Jump and then:

  1. Shoot Downward and right when the bullet comes out:

  2. Weapon Dash

3)Shoot Downward,

  1. wait to get closer to the ground

5)Weapon dash

  1. Shoot right before you hit the ground

(I would advise you not to do this one too much because if you do your enemy will dash behind you and wait for you to land)


If you jump towards your enemy:

  1. Shoot downward

  2. weapon dash forward

  3. and shoot downward again

The two shots will combo AND leave your opponent in enough lag to start your 2A combo

PS: don’t use this approach against Ryu or you’ll get a Shinku hadouken in the face

Kinda like from 0:40 to 0:50 of this video: [media=youtube]6ScWdmhUtLM[/media]