A new Avatar, Anyone?

I would like a Iron Man Avy, with a lil animation in it, if anyones up for the task…Like some hot shit!!!

Like a avy with Im doin’ the unfly inf and a pic on the side of him…:smiley:

Sike, Nah…just some hot shit would be suffice.

EDIT: Damn it, I forgot the pic

here it is

i’ll do it, but in the morning. that ok??? i’m too tired to animate right now… 3am… not user friendly… :frowning: :fury: :wasted: :depress: :bluu:


if u want it tonight, then have somebody else do it

and with the animation…
u wan a sprite, or a glow effect type deal???

either way… s’all good

if sprite, i would like to use this one…
let me know before i start it up though

yea, thats cool I’ll look for it in the Mornin’, that sprite is cool also


tell me what u want changed

Its cool with me, but if you want to do something else you can…I’ll rock this one, for now!!!

hadoken king, I can do it for Mags if you want, I’m kinda bored right now.

go for it

Aight Alpha, Thats cool

Here’s the av. Hope you like it.

nicely done.


Rockin’ it Nice Alpha!!!