A New Beginning

hi ppl of srk, im a newly "re-borned"noobie sf player :shake: well ive played sf 2, all the alpha series, 3rd strike (a little bit), sf 4;also i have an snk emulator that has all of their respected fighting games (entire kof series, aof, ff, samurai showdown etc.). I live in Ga so the scene here isnt vastly competitive as Cali i guess you would say but some of my buddies that play are pretty good. My buddy told me that to get good at fighting games, I need to forget everything that I know and start all over. So what are your opinions about this?

Not really enough info to answer the question, since we don’t know how good you already are, but in general most people pick up tons of bad habits playing against the computer or against a small group of friends or online, that have to be broken through in order to get better. So for most people the answer is yes.

2 easy way to test if you need to throw everythign out are

  1. read the articles in the dom 101 section of the forums located here
    if you disagree seriously with them you probably have alot of work to do

  2. Look up some high level vids of your characters being played and see if you can understand whats going on. Not if you can do the moves that they are doing but if you understand why they are doing what they are doing, and just as importantly why they aren’t doing the moves they aren’t doing.

GA is pretty competitive. Tons of tournaments. Not sure how you could have missed that. It may not be like Cali, but it does have a pretty decent sized scene.

sorry guys about my story lol…but im gonna try to word it better…>to blackshinobi, what i meant is i have been playing sf for some time now…but im still noobish i can say…my buddies recommended to me that i should totally start all over and abandon what i have learn so far…that i need to hit up the srk forum and bascially just become a student of street fighter (learn all characters, moves, matchups, frama data, technical terms etc.) compare, contrast, and disect strategies and so forth…my friends suggest that i should always play causals with ppl who are better than me and see what i did wrong and what was good…and when i play by myself (dont have internet to play online) just play the computer on very hard…they also advise me strongly to learn hit confirming and bnb combos…so >to blackshinobi thanx man for the link to those forums… and >to branh0913 me and my buddies are going to final round…u know if ppl who want to just spectate have to pay or register? lol my bad for not knowing abt Ga being competitive lol All i know is that there’s finalround and impact clash…are there any other tourneys that you know of that go on annually basis bc my and friends would probably want to go…so thanks guys

I forgot to ask how can i improve my reactions while playing…it seems to be a problem sometimes bc when i play casuals my friends scream out “do ultra!” when i have had a lost opportunity at hitting it and connecting

make it a thinking game, not a fighting game. I know thats weird advice, but next time you play. Think of what to do in consideration in what your opponent is doing. and to increase your reaction, you gotta challenge yourself, what I did was I played Super Turbo and tried to DP on reaction. I sucked at first, but after a while I started hitting it alot more consistently, and now when I play, I could do it without thinking twice. You gotta train your mind, so it will take some time. But if everything was so easy, playing wouldnt be so fun.

You know, starting over might not be a bad idea for me, considering everything I do in this game is basically a “bad habit”:

Jumping in
Not blocking very well
Poor with links, combos, zoning/spacing
Weak mind games
Weaker match-up knowledge

Basically, I do everything wrong.
So, how do I completely start over?

You improve your reactions by knowing what to look out for. For Ultras, you just need to know when you can ultra, off what moves and stuff.

You can use the Training Room for ultra-setups, you can even record the training dummy to do moves against to to help your reactions. Just check out the training room, and learn how to use it properly. I like to practice reacting to the dummy jumping in then doing Ryu’s Dragon punch or any other anti- air move.

To KGershkoff, Slow down your play intentionally, where you feel the impulse to do something, stay crouch blocking, and make sure you’re crouch blocking and not just walking back/blocking, this is for close-just outside of sweep range. Just slow down your play and stare at your opponents character, you will hopefully find that you have more time than you realize, good opponents take their time as many newbie players are in a rush to do a move. Even try slowing down your execution, button presses, it helped me atleast.

Edit: Here’s the best tutorial video out there, meant for Ryu, but it’s all about the basics, Ryu’s Tutorial Video. It’s a 4 part video, 5-10 mins each. The first 3 are good to watch and rewatch. If many of the tactics in there are new to your, it’s probably information overload, but re-watching that everytime you feel as though you don’t went wrong, or just need an extra boost to your game. When you’re a new player helps to to identify really obvious things that you aren’t doing, as it covers most basics of the game.

I tried that already and got hit with a block string and a throw every time. Once again, another “bad habit”.

Where in GA do you live? Atlanta has a fairly active tourney scene. People from Athens usually go to Atlanta for tourneys and such. People who live closer to say, Augusta or the east could go to Columbia as I hear there is a decent scene there too. Unsure what you could do for local practice in south GA though.

Also, I would be fully prepared to have to pay to spectate. Read: at least have enough money to enter one tourney if you go.

I live probably 50 min away from atlanta and if traffic is good probably 45 min away…I live probably 30 min away from athens too so i guess you would consider that i live in northeast ga…but me and my friends never really heard anything about tourneys in atl that much…only final round and impact clash

There is Atlanta Revival held every month, and also Augusta Super which is a monthly tournament. Columbus has their Columbus Ranbats. Not sure about the ranbat, but I get the impression it’s be at leat moderately successful. There USE to be Waba Weeklies, but no one goes out there anymore. Overall, GA has a pretty huge scene, especially coming from Augusta and Atlanta. Athens doesn’t really have a scene except for a few guys (who are really decent). GA is probably the best state in the SE for gaming, except for maybe North Carolina, and maybe Florida.

Maybe FL? man we have gatherings almost every day in tampa/orlando/miami! REP THE FLA! lol

What and where is these Atlanta Revivals ??:wtf: