A New Challenger Has Arrived!

Hello all you 3s players! I come from a far off land called MvC2 where newbs are always in stock and combos rain abundant down upon their heads. I’m trying to get into 3s and I’m having trouble adjusting. My team from MvC2 is Magneto(surprise?), Strider(gasp?), and…Cable(non scrub kind that actually uses his qcf+k and the grenades). If that helps any, good, if not…shit…I am familiar with parrying due to extensive CvS2 playing and can already “red parry” pretty easily(just defense+P groove? huh?) I don’t know what characters to play but I do like Ryu,Ken, Akuma and Yang(yes not Yun… )Can anyone help me with some combos or character suggestions?? :karate:

red parrying pretty easily? i dont think anyone besides maybe Hayao can do that :slight_smile:

for character specific help, check out some of the other forums in the SF3 strategy section.

aside from that…welcome aboard

Out of the characters you listed Id stick with either Yang or Akuma, Akuma was my first character and helped me to pick up on how the game works, I played him in the Alpha series so I already had a basic feel for how he worked (very basic, as he is diff than back then), and was free to play around and learn the ropes of the game w/o having to learn a whole new character. He is powerful but he takes damage like a bitch and stuns easily. Yang is fast but hes also weak, he doesnt do much damage. Fun though, can be very annoying. If you find yourself having trouble pick Ken. Welcome to the world of Street Fighter 3…:slight_smile:


Ok, i understand qcf’s and such and im no stranger to the srk terminology but wtf are “meaty’s” and how do you do an EX version of a move?? Can someone list me all the helpful things that I should know to read the forums and get decent at this game???

an ex version of a move (if that move has an ex version) is done by pushing two punch buttons or two kick buttons (relative to what the move is) instead of just one. But as a general rule, you wanna push all 3.

AFAIK, meaty’s are attacks timed such that the opponent wakes-up into the hit frames of the attack. well timed meaties can beat out most wakeup normal/special moves as well as some ex’d moves.

Ok good. What are kara’s and such? I know a couple karas but they have nothing to do with video games of any kind especially SF3s. :clap:

a kara is essentialy cancelling a normal into another move before the 1st move’s hitting frames for range purposes. ex:kara throws, kara dp, kara palm (which is actually a double kara) etc…

just play with begginers such as yourself to improve ur game, also i would recomend you to stick with ryu or yang acoording ur preferences, since non of them are top tier nor low tier, so they will help you see other’s characters weaknesses/strengths. By no means pick Chun Li, all you will be seduced by the power of her back+hp and s.hp.

Play with newbs?? hah…clone myself or brainwash people…right…Everyone down here is either “top tier”(in their newb killing minds only i assure you all )or seriously decent guys like Iceman(who owes me a CvS2 match if i recall correctly…damn you iceman)!So finding newbs is impossible…I actually like Ken and Yun…I know…call me a cheap Cable using whore box(then duck the tkahvb if you can)but I really like Yun(SAI i think…)and who doesn’t love the best Ken ever?? Heh…anyway…thanks for helping out…anymore weird teminology I should know??