A new challenger


Hello all,
I am just looking for more people to play against to better my skills and to break bad habits during a match. Locally, i play a few of the same people. Then I find myself playing online as if I was playing against my local friends! SMH.
My gamertag is Guy 1nc0gnit0. Feel free to add me. Don’t care if you have a mic or not. Don’t care what level you are. Just want to learn to adapt against more players who continuously improves their gameplay.
Also, if you have a PS3, my PSN ID is couldbanyone. Just to give you an idea of what lag might be like, i live in Seattle, Washington.


I’ll be glad to help you out. My Xbox live is Mikeand1ke12 and psn is MikeandIke12


Cool! I sent a friend request! Thank you!