A new CVS2 Vid

This is a ghetto ass CvS2 vid that I decided to make.

Go Here To Download it : Here

Comments Appreciated.

(Don’t Worry, I know its stupid.)

Not working?

Fixed it . Lame Filters

Hehe, you weren’t kidding when you called it ghetto. Still-- the Akuma 8 hitter made me laugh for some reason.

Yeah . The Akuma thing is Ghetto . But The Yun combo is pimp like whoa .

Expect a serious vid from Team ForceZ commin up soon =]. We don’t suck as much as Akuma .

Two Gook Beatdown!

Last time I was beat down by a gooks there weren’t just two, but a whole gang of them… with knives… :lol:

i like the anime nurse picture inserted randomly in the middle of the yun dance:p

Yeah that seriously was a ghetto ass vid.

I enjoyed it, good work!!

What codec is it? It wont play.

You should do shoulder xx otg punches as the end of the Kyo combo. Just my opinion, but I think it looks better than the fire grab.

I liked the video. Shows you spent some time putting it together.

are you getting green screen? cuz i am to

Divx 5.1.1 DL it off the Divx site . www.divx.com if you don’t know. Yeah, we coulda done the otg punches, yet it is a real pain to link sometimes. We do it in the C groove cancel combo he has thats also harder than that A groove . We like to switch it up, the grab out of the air has some style, plus its 9.4k dmg as is.

Sorry, shoulda posted up what codec was too .

that was the dopest ghetto vid ever made lol

Ghetto indeed:) But A job Well done loved the video:cool:

Thanks guys. Team ForceZ on the rise.