A new fighter has entered the arena

Hey there peeps!

I just wanted to say hi, im Mansoo playing with Akuma in London.

I go to the arcade next to Goodge Street a lot and get to play. There are many good players there.

I was wondering if anyone on here goes there to play? maybe on Friday nights as it seems the busiest time. (To the point where you cant get a go even if you do put your money on the side lol).

I wanted to meet others who enjoy the game and want to be good of course : )

Would like to hear what others think of Akuma and is it just me or is trying to beat Vega and Balrog impossible? no matter what I do I cant beat them…One guy even had 20 wins in a row with that Balrog…

Any tips would be very much appreciated. Also havent got used to the terminoligy (thats not how you spell it im sure) for the game just yet lol.



I assume you mean Claw (Vega) and Boxer (Balrog) and not Dictator (Vega) and Claw (Balrog).

I have a hard time against Vega, but the key here is to get inside quickly and keep on him. If you mess up and he pulls away, you’re gonna be eating claw dives and throws from accross the screen.

Balrog I have an easier time with, but if he’s wielded by someone with skill, it can be a tough match. Basically, you have to play this one from a distance, zoning him with standing FBs and plenty of mixup Zanku’s. Look for the sign of a poor Rog: headbutting through fireballs instead of jumping over them. You can punish with Ultra if you can discern a pattern of him doing this everytime you shoot a fireball. When the have meter, pay attention to his EX dashes or they’ll hurt you a lot. If you want to attack, make sure you can go in and get out safely (teleport). Jumping away next to a good Boxer = Eating a headbutt. Also, if your opponent is turtling waiting for you to come to him, try and bait him to land an EX Demon Flip throw. That usually pisses them off into changing strategies. :bgrin:

Also, be carefull about teleporting “through” him. He has a very long reach and can catch you with a low punch when you come out of it. Better to teleport away from him or if you must, Jump Tatsu away.

Other than that, you should probably just take a look at the Akuma matchup thread and watch plenty of videos of those fights. I think you can find some at the SF Dojo.

ah cheers, lol im like a total noob is claw, boxer, dictator like certain moves? powerful ones or something?

Yeh the balrog player kept on doing like this combo which was ridiculous…and vega jumps all over the place from one side of the screen to another… and goes through me…which is annoying. I have got most of akumas moves except for focus cancelling and that mid air throw thingy. (technical term…) i figured out some good things with him. but at the moment i feel sometimes i have to go on the defensive with him. i feel he has a lot less stamina that some of the other players.

balrog also does some rushing move forward with his fist out. it goes through my hadouken even my firey one. even blocking takes off a good whack of health. is there anything i can do with that?

thanks so much for posting to me tho : )

with balrog everything he does special move wise can be reversal supered. Also sHK does wonders. Bait sweep with focus, punish free BnB. Dive kick palm is good as well since it’s armor breaking. I love reseting balrog HK df palm cancel demon is awesome almost all rogs throw out something. Also just learn to reag claws cross up wall dives you can bock punish most of them with sweep or sHK. Jump back HP also shuts down his wall dive.

No, it’s not the name of their moves, it’s the names of the characters. In this case, Balrog and Vega in Europe & America are different than Balrog and Vega in Japan. It’s because in Japan, the names of the original SFII bosses were changed around (except Sagat) because of a possible licensing problem. So in order to avoid problems, Capcom changed the names of the bosses around. M. Bison became Balrog, Balrog became Vega and Vega became M. Bison.

Because that’s totally confusing, most people here will refer to them by their Character Personalities: Dictator = M. Bison, Claw = Vega and Boxer = Balrog.

If Boxer is getting through your fireball, it’s because he’s using his Turn Around Punch (called TAP around here). It goes through any projectiles and most normal moves on startup (while’s he’s turning around). A normal fireball can usually beat out his normal Dash punches, though you have to anticipate them properly.

In other words, from full screen, it’s usually safe to throw fireballs. Mid screen and less, don’t!

The idea is to get HIM to do the first move, so you can counter it. If you’re just throwing fireballs, he’s going to easily counter you instead.

Again, the best way to learn is to watch the videos in teh Akuma Matchup thread that’s stickied here in the Akuma section. That’s how I learned most of my matchups.

I see. thanks for the info…i just need to practice most things. i will be back there tomorrow anyway. must beat some more people. I managed to beat a Sagat player today which i hadnt done before. also there was this girl kicking everyones ass…that was great.

Always great when the girls are playing as well.

It seems that it is always a Ryu in the final of everything that i have had a look at tho. or at least the top players use him.

hopefully there will be some more akuma players at the top…

yes that is very confusing… wierd. i see. i cant imagine one of them being called another one. i am already confused. thanks for the info lol.

dont get too confused

  1. learn your bread and butter combo, execute perfectly every time.
  2. learn when to FA. This will do wonders on rog. As I believe he only has one armour breaking charge punch. Every other one you can absorb and release for a crumple… and here comes your BnB combo.

Good luck.

SERIOUSLY… Focus attacks are amazing against rog… you will see the light once you crumple him a couple times…

Yeah, but doesn’t EX dash punches break armour? That’s just gonna confuse him some more as I don’t think he knows the difference between normal and EX moves yet. He seems to need to grasp the basics first. Better he should eat block damage from dashes right now and concentrate on getting the flow of a rog matchup engrained in his subconsious.

Fundamentals, like zoning, teleporting out when rog gets too close, and baiting the headbutt through fireballs to punish with super/ultra should get him started (and be quite difficult enough for the time being).

u need a grasp of the basics as well.
smash and overhead armor break, EX versions of straight, upper and low can still be absorbed.

I wouldn’t call knowing that “basic”. Also, I haven’t really integrated Focus Attacks into my repertoire yet to be wanting to know all that, which is why I was unsure in my last reply. Mainly because, as you rightly guessed, I haven’t really finished getting the fundamentals down with Akuma. First I started with just his basic moveset, their timing and how to use them to counter my opponents. Then I moved on to his BnB combos and how to set them up. And finally, I tried mastering the art of pulling off his Ultra with the least amount of telegraphing to make it as effective as possible and also learned how to set them up. I just started learning when and how to use throws and incorporated it into my arsenal. I’ve also just learned to be in control of my territory in matches. Once I’m close to 100% effecient with the all basics alone, I’ll try to get the more advanced mechanics like FA and FADC combos into my routine, which right now, I only use to absorb projectiles from time to time.

Not that what you said isn’t helpfull, but I’m not yet totally up to snuff with Akuma in the execution department yet. And once I am, I’ll be checking out the really cool stuff you can do with him, like his FADC combos, resets and such. I’ve been maining Akuma since Alpha 2, and almost every new version of him they’ve had since then has been changed somewhat, either in execution, speed, power… Just last weekend, I went to the cinema and they had an old Capcom vs. SNK 2 cabinet. Akuma in there is closer to his 3s incarnation, but he’s still so very different than his current one. I had a very hard time just beating the CPU. :razz:

I think it’s the same with the OP. I mean, he didn’t even really know who Balrog and Vega are in the original Japanese version, nor that Rog’s TAP can go through fireballs… Not that that’s a bad thing. We all started at the begining.

We all know how to run now, but before we know how to run, we must learn how to walk. And before we learn how to walk, we must first learn how to crawl. So let’s teach blazingkim how to crawl for now. He’ll be running soon enough. :tup:

he he thanks a LOT LOT LOT guys. yeh your right venom i dont know much about the background and history of the games. i remember only playing one of the aniversary ones on the old xbox. i loved it. i decided i want to play properly with this one. unfortunately i am crap atm but i headed down to the arcade again today and met some new faces. the number 1 guy called zak over here in london at the moment was there again. he was the guy with 40+wins with balrog.

I played some today and felt a lot smoother with some of akumas moves.

I was getting my ass handed to me today by a guile player but i met someone there who told me that i was jumping in to much (supposedly a very common noob mistake) but it just is easier to get my moves out if i jump…need to stop that asap. after i stopped doing that he instantly wasnt doing overhead flash kicks at me anymore and he started to sonic boom all the time. after a while i got used to it and managed to beat him. i felt i learnt a lot today.

I also fought a good ryu today as well. everytime i was getting up he kept on uppercutting me. but i also learnt to teleport and after a while i was either beating him or losing but not as much. so i learnt some valuable stuff today. will be there again tomorrow to try out some more.

i found a good combo if im pressuring them into a corner which seemed to work today. it was a HK, EX tornado kick into shoryuken thingy ma jig. it seemed to make them panic a little and give me the edge sometimes. Is it actually good or not?

Again thanks for taking the time to write people its much appreciated.

and although yes its embaressing to admit yeh i didnt know about the japan name swapping thing and stuff, or Rog’s tap but im glad im actually getting help and not just being called a noob lol.

oh also sometimes i was trying to grab them and some little blue circle stops the move. im guessing they are countering… and i am guessing lol. or is that id we both try to do the same move? if it is possible to execute how do i do it? again thanks guys.

^ wow no offense I lol’d pretty hard, that is a tech if means you both pressed grab at the same time. I never do it cause I’m dumb but it is very useful against gouken since grab can mean death.

well you can laugh. i did post that i was completely new to the game…

If your from the UK and looking for some matches your best off checking Neo Empire out


Theres not too many Brits here on SRK. Its great for info and advice but not so great for finding matches in the UK :lol:

So yeah, check that site out, you should find what your looking for.