A new home for capcom vs snk information

Hello everyone, this is gamingnow.net again.

Ryan and I have finished the system for the CVS2 site weve been working on since february of this year.

What weve done is create an advanced administrative system in php that will allow anyone to upload frame data or combo strings onto our site at any time. For security purposes, the page to add combos or frame data to the site will only be accessable by select people.

The purpose of this post is to find those people.

If you are willing to work for the site adding frame data from your famitsu guide OR work for the site adding combo strings post here.

The site can be found here for now.

None of the pages have any content on them, this is just what the pages will look like, if you want an example of what a page with content would look like, go to akumas frame data page.

Also, the pages “strategies” and “videos” are works in progress.

If you would like to help but think our administrative system wont be as easy as you like to use, you can check it out here just to see how easy our coder (ryan) has made it for you.

Note ~ ip addresses are recorded so please dont abuse the system…
http://gamingnow.net/cvs2/frameAdmin.php - this link will add frame data for one normal or special to akuma’s frame data page.

http://gamingnow.net/cvs2/comboAdmin.php - this link will add one combo to akumas combo page.

If theres something about the administrative pages that you dont understand, worry not, it will all be explained to you if you decide to help with the site.

Thanks guys,

Woah very nice site. I’m sure that when information comes up you’ll make good use of it! And when the characters are all loaded up with info…that’s gonna be off the hook man! So good luck!

I can help with the combos.

i especially like the picture when you move the cursor onto mai. :tup:

lol pretty funny huh?

Theres another funny pic if you go into the frame data pages and visit chun li :wink:

Wheres the support guys? doesnt anyone on this forum want a source for frame data?

frame data!!!

I don;t have a data guide, but if I did I would help. I can only supply my vast knowledge of combos. :slight_smile:

well i scanned the book hopefully the torrent be out buy tomro. :tup:

Yes! Finally somebody has decided to gather all the info in one place. I hope the combos and startegies are deep.

nothing can be done untill i get some volunteers…

instant message me at my AIM - Haii Tripp Eisen

i can supply you with A-Groove CCs. - I dont understand how to input them. ill give u the combos transfer them in or whatever.

I’d be interested in helping out. I should have all the frame data on hand as well, so it’s just a matter of transferring it from one format to another.

added some cammy shit, might add more but exams kickin my ass.



Is this site still gonna happen?

I got some combos that I cant get onto a vid…

couple CCs
and dont forget to add the killer Kyo combo on the kyo thread :smiley:

Chagne the layout for the frame data. I saw the example Akuma page and I like the colors, typography and frame-bars, BUT the space is used inefficiently. If you look at how the cvs2 guidebook does it you can see what I mean. Try making the tables/div in several colums. Just a suggestion. Hope the site finishes soon.

Firefox doesn’t like this site.

This project seems like a more than worthwhile endeavor, Im willing to donate my resources. What all needs to be done.

Hey, guys, I’m the guy that coded that site (see “Ryan” in gamingnow.net’s first post). I just wanted to let you know you can pretty much save your breath regarding this site. It has not been worked on in about 8 months. I hate to say it, but me and gamingnow.net just had to many creative differences and became unable to work together. It’s a shame that that shitty reason is the reason why the community has to be deprived of what would have been a great resource for cvs2 information, but it’s the truth.

On the bright side, I still have everything I wrote for that site, and I will probably have time over the summer to finish what little else there was unfinished. All someone would really have to do is get hosting and throw these scripts up and they do the rest. The only catch is that gamingnow.net actually did all the art/layouts for the site (I just turned the layouts into code). So I wouldn’t feel right using them without his permission, so if someone got his OK and still wants to make this happen, contact me: “Ryan aka Hunter” on aim.