A New Ibuki is Born, Impressions into Ultra



Hey guys, i’m probably the most recent Ibuki player from a corner of the world named Africa, i’m also a NRS player and played a lot of Skarlet in MK9, however Ibuki definitely fits my playstyle, so i’ve been maining her for a year now. My style is a bit of everyone who researches here on SRK, and of course i can do a good chunk of Sako combos when needed (kudos for not having links and execution problems :D).

Even so, i only have my Arcade Stick since March, so i’ve been trying to improve since then, my current challenges are SJC into ultras which i’m not yet accurate with it, and i’m still not very into the Frame Data yet, its a matter of time.

Enough of introductions, i just checked the final change of the balance Change for USF4, which makes me happy because i wanted to keep Ibuki core game in USF4, which will be half possible, but i’m i the only one to think that she even looks better now than before?

i mean, with Ultra Combo Double options, Red Focus, and 3F cr.LP we will be freaking feared now. I think i’m more excited now, with the new mechanics there is a few things that may come a handy afterwards.

So what are your impression onto Ultra with Ibuki?


Delayed Wakeup pretty much destroys her entire gameplan. She was buffed, sure, but the new system mechanics are a huge indirect nerf.

I think she’s still gonna be okay, just very different from before. Let’s see how the game evolves