A new Ideal for chicago.....Let me know what you think


Hey Guys, I run the Rumble at the center.

I heard the complaints being said about ranbats…

I want To run a new set of monthly ranbat standings. Every month we run a rumble tournanment… I want positive advice to make this work…

  1. Point system
    []100 points winner
    ]90 points 2nd
    []80 points 3rd
    ]75points 4th
    []50 points 5-9th
    ]25 points 10-19th place
    [*]10 points for every person that plays

  2. any local tournanment other than ranbats… will recieve points…it has to be recognized tourney by the community…

  3. in may the top twenty people will play for player of the year ward… and hopefully a cash prize…

Im would like to starts this from this wwekend going forward…including…Rumble the tourney non the 18th and 19th and other local tourneys you tell me… this way new comers get a chance… no one person plays and wins every tournanment…

Im looking for suggestions…


I think instead of posting you should just make a video and upload it to youtube or something so people know what you are talking about.