A new mag infinite?



I was just messing around in marvel trying to get storms Sj/dash/fk infinite down. Then I thought I could do the same shit with magneto. I found out that this is the easiest one for him:

Sj. dash d/f,(hold down) lk,mk, hk repeat. It works on basically everyone, besides the short shits, and its pretty damn useable.


I believe i also find a new infinite but i guess other mag player already know it.
It only work on standing sent.
sj, hk, dash forward hp, hk repeat sj hk, dash forward hp, hk.
Give me a bump if u already heard of this.


Yea, thats just a variation of sj, hk, dash d/f, hk. Nothing new really.


yeah its been found out…eKiN did it in his magneto exhibition…


well even though no one but me will say this but gg man for posting it again for all the new comers to the game i found that u can also lk, hk repeatedly also and it seems to b alot easier keep posting shoryuken will never die
:smiley: :cool:


coolest lookin one is lk mp!


incognegro: Heh, thanks

ekin: Cool, I’ll have to try that out.


where did you get ekin magneto exhibition video???
thx… :slight_smile:


Hmm, I may have found something else. (Even though eKiN has probably already found it out.)

I was doing servbots stupid little infinite, then switched out to cable. I then did this, c.lk, c.hk, sj/dash down, c.lk, c.hk, snapback (which purposely misses, must do this pretty damn fast), c.lk, c.hk.

You don’t even have to super jump to do the slide infinite, you can just miss the snapback. Also, I’d like to see that eKiN exhibition if anyone has it.


uff a long time ago in top-players.com… i would call it magnus 303
reset, unmashable and infinite variations exibition or in summary magnuz flashy stuff.:smiley: best shit in the video? the combo that ended in the trijump lk mk juggle infinate TOO GOOD!:eek:
props to ekin n ShadyK:D


This infinite is only for show, cause it’s hard as hell to do, and you might as well ROM.

Setup is basically hit a semi airborn Sent with s.hk (easiest is ROM into s.hk)

so it’ll be s.hk->sj.d+lk->sj.d+lk->sj.d+lk->sj.d+lk->sj.d+lk->fkjsfjkaf->land s.hk repeat.

It’s like his XvSF infinite.


:eek: didnt know that worked


Do you still have that video (ekin magneto exhibition) ???




scurrys off to go try it


doesn’t this only work against someone standing? I did this before, but never worked on someone ducking, or someone short like megaman/roll/servbot. if it can only be done on someone standing, how often will u actually land a jumping attack when they’re standing?


there are a lot of specific condition infinites, it doesnt stop them from being interesting


Yea, its only on standing people and not on the short shits. (megaman/roll/servbot) I like to do a normal jump tri jump into it then transfer into sj one. It’s easier for me that way.


I discovered a new one too hahah … it’s funy… u know the one simple??? that u call psylock(for example) and do sj.lk, lk, dash down lk lk, and repeat??? the classic right??? But U tried it on Sentinel While he is in the ground??? hahaha it’s gunny hitting an infinit on the sntinel like that and he not move at all…

All of you knew that one???


Yea thats extremely basic, welcome to MvC2.


Oh… sorry if u know everything… but I discovered that by myself… not seeing other ones doing… because that’s Ease…