A new Marvel vs Capcom a possibility ... "maybe sooner than you think"

Just read this article about the Comic Con Marvel panel at http://www.newsarama.com/film/080725-your-marvel-universe.html.

The second to last paragraph talks about a new Marvel vs Capcom game.

From the article:

Possibility of another Marvel vs. Capcom game (a question that excited the audience)? “Would it be possible one day? Yes. And maybe sooner than you think,” teased Feige.

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new marvel, yes please.

rumors and hearsay = FAIIILLLLLL!!!

Sure, but this comes directly from the mouth of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. So, I thought it was noteworthy.

That along with him and Ono being in the same building.Conversations could have easily been made to set something up in the future.

why so pessimistic???

This is the only clue of any chance for an mvc3 for years. I want to pee my pants now.

It’s very noteworthy. Thank you for the link.

rumors and heresay lead to rampant speculation which lead to spam, flaming and general disorder

let’s wait for the official release and know that we heard something interesting for the time being

really don’t feel like dealing with the amount of retarded wishlist posts this will spark