A new player considering SSF4AE


I’m a mortal Kombat player. I’m not the best or anything, but I can certainly hold my own in a competative environment. I’ve been planning on going to EVO next year, as well as other events as I see fit. I’ve been wanting to pick up another game to bring to tournaments with me, and right now the debate is pretty much between AE, and SC5. (i will definitely be adding injustice when it comes out).

I’m attracted to AE mostly because of the footies. I like the concept of controlling space with your opponents to maximize their effectiveness. I know very little about the game, other than the fact that it is faster than mortal kombat. Would someone be willing to reply with some big pointers about street fighter? Something that would give me a general idea of what the game is about, the difficulties of learning the game, and some big things to keep in mind.

EXAMPLE! If i were doing this for mortal kombat I would say something like:

[]Meter management can dictate the end of a match. (due to breakers)
]Learn your bnb’s for all situations.
[]Reading your opponent is a huge part of mortal kombat neutral game.
]Footies are not quite as important as in other fighting games. (because you have a block button, and because response time on directional input waits until the characters foot lands.)
[]It’s slower than other fighting games.
]It’s an aggressive game. Zoner’s IN GENERAL will suffer more than characters with reliable aggression.

One last question, I’m a pad player. I plan on getting a stick or hitbox at some point, but can I train on a pad well enough? And are there characters that might be more pad friendly? I would really appreciate if someone would give a comprehensive answer to this. I’m sorry if I wasted this post, but I didn’t find any threads that gave a basic synopsis about what to expect from the game. If I simply didn’t look hard enough, please direct me to the appropriate thread.


Use this forum for threads like these:


  • how to use your normal moves and what their properties are (safety on block etc)
  • ditto for your special moves
  • what your most reliable anti-air options are for different situations
  • your BnBs
  • how to tech throws effectively (you will eat a lot of them)
  • your setups after knockdown (safe jumps, unblockables, ambiguous x-ups etc)
  • matchups


Pad is perfectly fine. The only real disadvantage pad has to stick is that a few certain techniques, such as pianoing inputs for blanka 'leccy/honda hands is much harder.

But hey, 360’s are a little easier on pad, so whatever.