A New Spiral Thread. .

Man the spiral threads are a ghost town. . . .I know I may be a little late, but for the first time I’ve seen some Spral vids. . (I got into the game a little AFTER the AHVB discovery, so I guess she was kinda washed up after that. . .) Anyway, I was wondering, does anyone still play her enough to where I could get some strategies/tactics on her? I know she may be old news, but I’d still like to learn her, maybe she can be revived. . . For starters, how is the Spiral Sent Trap done? Like the one used in the MvC2 Tutorial video by Clockwork/Genghis/ShadyK? I would assume since it was hacked in the tutorial that no one would use it anymore, but there’s a way around everything in MvC2. . .Just for general knowledge, could someone please provide an in-depth explanation f that? Also any tips/tidbits would be appreciated. . .

bump id like to know also.

basic Spiral/Sent Trap is as follows…when your opponent is on the ground and you have knives, throw them all, and on the third one call Sent. after all knives are gone(mix up between all six or five of them to keep them guessing/throw off timing), call more of them. drones should be hitting now, so dash in with standing fierce and throw knives afterwards, and repeat…there are many variations based entirely on your opponents actions(when they pushblock, etc.)

Spiral strats are kind of hard to list off without writing a novel in the process…she’s a very complicated character, and takes a lot of work to win with. The two most important things are to be patient(there’s no need to force knives, as you’ll realize after the third AHVB hits you), and to try to be as unpredictable as possible. She can still win(Duc proved this last year), but it isnt easy.

bump. More please. I need anti-magneto/sent strats.

Is there a really obvious choice for a third character after Spiral/Sent?

Cable is the usual choice - team DUC, along with commando.
Cyclops is good too, and having IM 2nd is workable - but not much use against a good sent.

Im kind of new to competetive MvC2. Spiral appears to be the point with sent there for her trap. Would Storm be a reasonable choice as a runaway? If Im completely off on this let me know b/c like I said I’m new.

I was thinking Spiral/Storm/Sent???!?!??!

Any thoughts or am I an idiot?

Your off :wgrin:
Most teams are structured as battery/ user/anti air although a few teams aren’t (eg MSS).
so spiral (battery - builds up alot of meter) - sent (uses meter well) and commando as your anti air.
If you are going to use storm/ sent pick an anti air assist as your third - having spiral on your team doesn’t really add much besides chipping whereas an anti air assist will help sent with fast fly combos

Spiral wasn’t washed up after AHVB for starters - shes still considered a counter to cable. I haven’t seen the Advanced tactics vid for a while but the trap Duc was using IIRC was throwing 3 swords, dash Hp and drones, 3 swords, reload… rinse repeat.
With push blocking/guard cancelling when you push block there a brief flash - a short while after you can sj - basically you can affect blockstun.
Search older threads for guard cancelling - most of them talk about getting out of HSF but its the same principle.

Older threads had alot of good info - esp Banshees posts/combos - look it up.
No one post how to do spirals trap cos people ask like its some sort of formula - watching Duc you’ll see alot of variations. More later.

Cyberninja - what team are you using?

After doing a little more reading it seems like Cable is the best choice. I guess Spiral doesnt use much meter and Cable can really use em up quickly so it works well. Thanks for the help.

spiral vids on preppys site - Duc vs Potter


PSM - 8 matches. Good stuff

spiral/storm/sentinel works.

i use storm-b as anti-air. this way you can get a lead, build 5 meters, get storm in, burn 5 hail storms or do air combo xx lightning storm to HSF. very stupid. oh yeah, and level 3 metamorph (via combo or via nailing sent while he is doing HSF as described in post below) into HAIL STORM on the 26th hit will scary the bejeesus out of people.

BTW, Spiral/tron works. you can do a ground trap where you throw swords, run up and do s. jab+ tron, s. strong, s. fierce xx reload, throw swords, repeat.

if your opponent calls out assists, the assist will get decimated by tron.
I’ve been working with Spiral/Cable/Tbonne with good results. almost as good as spiral/cable/sent (cuz now you can punish assists!).

another tip, use j. fierce and sj. fierce a lot. that is how you take care of sentinel and mag who like to rush in while you reload. your game plan against mag should be a lot of j. fierce xx sword load, sj. fierce xx sword load and an occasional s. fierce xx sword load for those stupid magnetos that think they can just run up to you and start combos. ONLY DO SWORD TRAP WHEN YOU ARE SURE THAT MAG IS GROUNDED, otherwise do qcf+lk (even if it’s on your edge of the screen).

Also, don’t throw out all of your swords if you see mag has escaped from the sword trap. immediately resort to qcf+lk, even if it’s 1 sword. that 1 stupid sword circling around can save your ass if he tries to air combo you or put you in ROM.

oh yea and the spiral trap you posted is incorrect augmint. it’s the following:

throw swords (5 total typically) + sentinel g on the 3rd or 4th sword, reload ASAP, dash up s. fierce, then as you start getting pushed back, throw the swords. (edit: OOPS, gief already posted this above. thanks)

a few points:
a) the good thing about this trap is if you get push blocked on s. fierce, you can adjust when you start throwing the swords (as soon as you see pushblock, start jamming on jab to start throwing swords and call sentinel g at the right time).

b) you are vulnerable when you have to do dash up s. fierce. that’s one spot where you can get hit by their assist, but they HAVE to call their assist at that time. any other time and it’s tough to get out (unless they use their assist to take some hits, like cyclops-b). also, after 3 or 4 cycles, there is a space where they can jump out because of how sentinel-g cycles time-wise. with this knowledge, you should know when you can bait your opponent to call out their assist and that way you don’t get juiced yourself.

c) it might sound complex that you send sentinel-g on the 3rd/4th sword, but it’s not really. you will get used to the timing after a while, and once your opponent realizes you know wtf you are doing, they will start to panic and then that’s when you’ll REALLY crush them.

I could post a ton of other stuff about spiral but it’s probably easier if you ask questions. i play her pretty extensively at CF.

BTW, qcf+lk should be a huge part of your game. a lot of magnetos like to do c. rh + call assist. Do sj. sword reload, qcf+lk on the way down (close to the ground… if not, then do another sword reload, qcf+lk), then if that stupid magneto does c. rh, make sure he pays with his life by doing sj. short, sj. forward on the way down while swords are hitting, then c. short, c. forward, snapback or whatever. yes, you can tell i can’t stand Magneto. him and sentinel think they can throw out whatever random crap they want to in the world when they fight against spiral… but you have to play smart to make them respect the damage spiral can do. In short, I follow this simple rule: If mag/storm is in the air, qcf+lk. Only throw out the swords using jab if you’re SURE they will block the series and let you put them into a trap.

ALSO, I can’t stress this enough. if sentinel thinks he can go random on you and start doing HSF for no reason(or to punish your assist), as soon as the first fleet is coming your way, teleport up and behind Sentinel and activate level 3 metamorph upon reappearing. then just slam fierce (hit the button really hard to reinforce that HSF is not some random garbage that you throw out for no reason) on the way down and you will see that he’ll get smoked… and usually with his assist, too, because they get mad greedy and think they can stop you with psylocke or whatever. this setup is unavoidable as far as I can tell (provided you teleported at the right time… too early or too late and Sentinel can escape or you will get hit by the last row of HSF). people will think this is random the first time you do it, but when you keep doing it, they will learn to respect spiral a little more and stop doing that random rocket punch xx HSF for absolutely no reason whatsoever. once you have that respect, then your spiral will be dangerous.

Well the guy I replied to asked how the spiral - sent trap was done in the Advanced tactics vid. There is no one set trap - but if what you posted works - keep using it :woot:

oh , cool. my bad, Augmint.

You guys use any other spiral teams?
I’ve been messing around with:

spiral/sent/bh lacks AA
spiral/cammy/tbonne quite good although cammy isn’t the best as a middle char
spiral/sent/psy so-so, but sent psy isn’t anything special
spiral/bh/tbonne bh isn’t the best middle char
spiral/storm-b/sent works well , but storm-b isn’t the best AA
spiral/sent/cammy fun team, but sent/cammy isn’t nearly as good as cc.
but cc isn’t invincible.
spiral/sent/cc seems strong. sent/cc has to be good for this to work.

Spiral’s teleport is zero-frame startup and can be cancelled into out of any of Spiral’s normal moves. Cable’s AHVB is one-frame startup. In other words, you can watch Cable’s chime go off for the AHVB, teleport on reaction as long as you’re doing anything other than loading swords or a super while you’re in the line of fire, and you will get out before the beam hits you. This basically means that if you ever get your Spiral shot by Cable, you had to be doing something wrong or getting hit by some other attack that comboed into it. You should never be getting shot out of the blue.

ive only recently picked up spiral and im really startin to enjoy using her. her teleport is the greatest asset and wen u put her wit sentinel it jus makes every match u play so much easier wen ur trappin dem and dey cant seem to find a way out and u can teleport and give a nice surprise over der head drop circular swords on der head and launch em into an aircombo ending wit 2 six hand grapples… n e tips on really playing a mean spiral outside her sent trap??? thanx in advance

i went to the arcade yesterday and tried out spiral/storm/cable and threw in spiral/storm/sentinel to give my sentinel sum work. overall i was pleased with both teams although my storm has a long way to go and ive recently gotten suggestion to put storm on point and put cable behind with an AAA. however i read above the team jaded posted of spiral/storm/sentinel and i was wonderin if sum1 could give the dynamics of a team built like strats and stuff to improve a work in progress thanx in advance again

Spiral ( in a team with no Anti air) is gonna have a hard time fighting a team like santhrax - and reloading swords against sentinel is gonna be a major problem unless you can keep sent totally locked down. This is probably why people would recommend you use storm/cable/…
and personally I don’t think sacrificing an anti -air ( which helps spiral reload and gives sent good Fast fly damage) for storm is a good idea but if you wanna keep using it, use it.

But combo wise you can still do stuff like s Hp and drones, qcf + 2P as drones are about a standing lp distance away, DHC…
And you can do the combo Banshee posted (ages ago - look in the old threads) lk,mk, Hk, throw 3 swords, dash Lk, mk, Hk, throw 3 swords, dash lk, mk, Hp plus drones qcf + 2P
Easy to do in the corner with a bit of practice - midscreen its hard to follow up after the last set of swords.

i enjoy using spiral more den any character in the game honestly theres so much u can do with her. honestly ive used a wide variety of teams around her and im still learning how to use certain characters around her. i kno it isnt very original but the team i love using wit my spiral is spiral/cable/sentinel its a gr8 team and im not claiming that i can beat any1 with it but its a team i use very effectivly. jus recently i put the spiral/storm/cable team together and i think once i learn to use storm to her fullest and knowin wen to use cables AAA, that team will become very usable for me. thanx for post and ill try out the combo posted. im still new to the game and im still learnin teams and strategies but ill find a good all around team sooner then later