A New SSB Brawl Review

I just wrote a review of Brawl which starts of by praising the Smash Bros. series for intuitive and simple nature which is quite different from most other fighting games. I’m also a huge fan of 3S, so I’m curious what some of the SRK forumers have to say about this review and specifically how you feel about that aspect of the game in comparison to most other fighting games more complex move-set, combo, and block/parry systems. Thanks!

You have written a very good, and very true, review of Brawl. The very changes that you have mentioned are what separates it from Melee, and thus not the same game. Though, just like you have mentioned, there are some mechanics that have been transfered from Melee to Brawl. As far as execution goes, it is far simpler than 3S or any other 2D fighter. However, the same depth that can be found in other fighters is still present with Brawl. There are zoning and spacing tactics, there is spacing game, and there are momentum shifts. As others have mentioned before, Brawl is easy to pick up, but hard to master.