A new warrior has entered the ring!


Hey everyone, i know these kinds of threads must be all over the place but i wanted to start a new one just to get direct answers to my problem.

I have been following fighting games for around 2-3 years now and have never played at all, i never really had the time to grind out the hours to learn and really get good at playing. I just started college and have a lot of spare time on my hands during the summer and want to start playing USF4, so i got the game today and ofc im a complete noob. I have small amounts of knowledge from reading the threads here and always watching a lot of pros and torneys (Fchamp and PRog streams) i am very willing to learn and want to some day play at a higher level.

so enough about my life story, where do i get started? i know that a good start is to pick up Ryu and just get used to the flow of the game and learning the basic movements footies etc but how would i go about doing that? should i play the arcade mode over and over or sit in training mode and learn?

I want to try and play Juri or ken im not 100% sure on who i want to main out of the two but juri and ken have always been 2 characters that peeked my interest but i wouldn’t mind playing anyone out of the cast i don’t really have a preference. i have a very aggressive play style and always like to be on the attack as much as i can so a character that fits that would be great! Im currently playing on PSN and im using a pad but hopefully should have a stick in the next week or so, also what button layout should i use for the time being while i have a pad?

any help would be greatly appreciated


You learn more by playing real people either offline or online, the CPU doesn’t help that much and can teach you some really bad habits since they never counter focus attacks and they don’t block raw random ultras. You should go into training mode and get down your inputs on both sides until you can do them without even thinking and then head online, Endless battle is usually better for learning since it’s constant matches and both sides aren’t going to play desperate for online e-cred points.

Just don’t be one of the million of online Ken players who jump 80% of the match or one of the Juri players who as soon as they get Ultra go for non stop ex divekick hoping one hits to go into Ultra 2, the biggest thing for new players to learn is to play patient and wait for openings instead of trying to force them when you don’t have to and you end up paying for it


I see, well who would be easier to start with? juri or ken? my button execution is lacking so ill have to practice alot just to hit my special moves but i think juri has mostly quarter circle forward and quarter circle back motions which should be easier to start with then ken for the time being



Juri is a little bit more complex and is a lot harder to play on pad IMO because of the stored fireball stuff, doing a shoryuken shouldn’t be hard since they even made it easy in SF4 by making a shortcut with mashing down/forward twice to get it to come out


Ok ill give it a try, should i be using the dpad or the analog stick? (ps3)


Whichever feels more comfortable to you to be honest, that’s all it comes down to since there’s no right answer for that


i played a little injustice a while back and i think ill just stick with the dpad, so should i look up some bnb combos for ken and just practice them till i get them down for now?


Combos are nice to know but at your point you should just focus on basics like getting your inputs, learning the spacing for your normals, antiairing, not jumping at people at bad times, learning his kara throw, etc.

As long as you get a simple punish combo to make people pay when you block really negative moves (like close mp > hp > hp shoryuken), shoryuken FADC Ultra (it’s punishable if you don’t EX), and you know cr mk > hadouken then you’re fine for now


I see, i still need to get my ultra inputs down and my FADC inputs im working on forward + MK into kara for the extended range


There are different ways of playing on pad, all depend on what helps. Some pad players use a combination of analog and d-pad, other players, like Alioune, use claw and regular grip. CLaw being where you hold your fingers over the face buttons like on a keyboard. I personally don’t play on pad but i also like the claw grip as it allows me to do advanced techniques like plinking and hitting different kind of button combinations easily.

As for combos, keep it really simple, simple hitconfirm combo and a simple punish combo. A punish can be a close heavy in srk or cr.mk into ex tatsu or raw ultra.

Honestly things will really fall into place once you just play alot, just focus on anti-airs, punishes and some light hitconfirms(and throw when they are blocking).
Some punishes can be a close heavy into hp srk or cr.mk into ex tatsu. JUst keep it simple so you can really get a feel for the game, don’t worry too much about fadc in combos, though doing it from a blocked srk is a good practice early on. If you want to practice fadc i suggest doing it with a close heavy into hadouken, fadc, cl.hp xx hadoken, fadc, cl.hp xx hadoken etc. DOn’t worry if it gets blocked or not practice from both sides.

Hope you stick with FG’s :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice, i’m currently practicing my links in trail mode. i played around with the cast a little and i feel like ill be playing a rushdown kind of style, hopefully my stick comes soon so i can plink to make my links alittle easier