A newbie asking for suggestions

Hello everybody,
I play since SFIV but I always did it for fun and I never spent that much time in learning a char and master it with all the combos and stuff.
Now that I bought SSFIV:AE I kinda changed my mind.

I would like to stick with a character that fits my playstyle and master it, reaching the “next level”.

The problem is I don’t know which one I should pick…So this is what I’m asking you:

Thinking about your personal experience, which character is both effective and fun to play with an aggressive and kinda rushy playstyle?
There are people that love to play as sitting ducks, but that is not my case;
I love to rush onto people, trying to confuse them with extreme pressure…

I bet there are a lot of pros that know the answer so I will just wait for your enlightment :slight_smile:

No one is going to tell you which character to pick, because many characters can do what you want from them. Experiment and watch match videos of characters you like and narrow it down on your own.

I’m getting really tired of pointing this out. No choose my character threads. I realize you mean well, but in the end you are one step away from asking people to just play the game for you. It’s up to YOU to spend some time and try out every character…to read all the character specific information here…to lurk the character specific boards…and make a decision based off of what works for YOU.