A newcomers perspective

Technically I’m not a newcomer as such as I did play sf2 on the mega drive back when I was a kid lol.
Basically last night was the 1st time playing any fighting game for a considerable amount of years and I really enjoyed it. It looks incredible on the ps4 and the mechanics are great, really makes me want to practice and become a better player which is what I strive to do eventually.
Obviously it has its problems, servers were a little sketchy (taking forever to find a match etc) but these probs will be ironed out eventually leaving a smooth and fun experience imo.
Same goes for the little content on offer atm, obviously I’d heard that a lot would be missing on launch day so it wasn’t a massive shock to me but for some I could see it would be, come next month I’m hoping all that will be forgotten though.
Anyways I just wanted to hear all your thoughts and if you were enjoying what’s on offer so far?

Welcome to SRK!!! :heart:

First of all welcome back to the fighting scene. Me and you are in a “kinda” similar boat. I’m old af and played SF1 back in 87’ when I was a kid and pretty much had all the original cartridge versions be it Genesis, SNES, or Turbo Grafx (what SF1 was on). I’ve casually kept up over the years, purchasing all of the new entries in the series then an amazing thing happened…I became a parent lol.

So far this situation is rocky but it’ll pan out, soon everyone will be fighting their little hearts out and it’ll all be a distant memory. I’m enjoying it so far, whatever maintenance they did yesterday has been a slight improvememnt. Right now I’m trying to learn two of the new characters and practice executing combos on them more efficiently. Be forwarned though, so far (for me anyway) online has been nothing short of a “shoto-fest”. Prepare to get hadoken spammed into next week.