A nod to the fallen warriors


A lot of us never thought this day would come and here we are, Playing Street Fighter IV

But while you install that game to the harddrive of the system of your choice, sit down and think about 2 guys that should be here with us throwing down.

Chris McDonald aka Kao Magura
Brian Graham aka Mummy-B

A lot of you new guys don’t know who these 2 are…

Have you ever looked up a Moveslist FAQ prior to any fighting game and yes I mean ANY…did you always got the the one that was the most kb in size and was ALWAYS full of the shit you needed to know? - Chances are it was by “Kao Magura”

Mummy-B was a very well respected FL player that moved to HI in his final days, always very well spoken and proud of his Okinawan Heritage and one of the best posters this site has ever seen in it’s nearly decade long life span and he will always be missed…some people today STILL pay respect to this very man in sigs and AV’s today and I doubt that’ll ever change.

So before you watch that intro for the first time, think not only about those 2 key contributors to the Fighting Scene…but all the other fallen brothers that are not with us to see this day finally come to fruition at last.

Thank you. :karate:


These two well respected contributors to the community are never far from my mind. Although I never knew Mummy-B I’ve read much about him from lurking around here the past couple years. Kao Megura, Movelist FAQs just wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t around. You set the bar and format for others to follow when creating their own Movelist FAQs.

Both of you are sorely missed.

:nunchuck: I’m out.


Everyone who had the chance to meet that psycho pirate B is better off because of it.

I miss you homie


Damn, I haven’t been back to SRK in a few years, and just the other day with all that info from Japan being translated I was wondering where Mummy-B was. I had no idea, but he was a great guy.


RIP Kao Megura

RIP Mummy-B


**Well said, man. R.I.P.

I’d like to add a personal friend of mine to that list, Darius “Dario” Thompson. Wish he could be here to see it. **


I wish I had the Mummy-B av to sport.

RIP you three (including Stuckey’s friend).


I contributed to one of Kao Megura’s FAQs. He was a stand-up guy.


I remember Mummy-b. Man knew his stuff in Samurai Shodown 5…I think I remember him best as being one of the major faces over on fierceslash, back when it was up and running. The gaming community in general is weaker for his absence. Same with Megura.


Rest in peace legends


I never knew Brian, but I spoke with Chris over the course of about 20+ emails a few years before he passed away and contributed to some of his work. I wish I could have met him in person. RIP to both, and to the other fallen warriors who would have loved to see a Street Fighter 4.


RIP to them and all the other dudes who played SFII with us, who never got to see SFIV, for whatever reasons.

They would be playing their asses off today.


great thread.

AMEN :angel:


Certainly has been an interesting read, thanks for the awareness and RIP.

Out of interest, how did we lose them?


this puts it all into perspective



Mycah thank you for making this thread.


Kao Megura was responsible for some of the best FAQs I ever used. RIP


Mummy-B passed from Cancer.

Kao Magura was so out of the blue and sudden that not many know, it was kept within the McDonald Family, last I remember his brother told a few cats what happened and it didn’t get far out of respect…Something to do with an obscure illness of sorts, heart related I think.


I learned a lot by reading Chris’ faqs. It’s a shame he’s gone.

RIP guys.


That’s unfortunate, my condolences to the families.