A noob and his loose gamecube arcade stick


I have a dragoncube power stick and its loose. I want to remove the spring but im not sure how. i opened it and am stuck because i dont what to do so if you can help id really apresiate it.


I’ve never seen one of those in person. You might need to post photos of the insides.


Here hope thies help and thx.


Holy shit that thing has a motor in it? :V
Check around the base of the actuator (the thing that hits the switches) for an eclip (http://pinballmagic.com/images/eclips.jpg) or something like that.


so just remove it and i should be good?


I’m glad they went that route with the motor on the side. On the DC topmax enforcer, the rumble is on the shaft. lovely for fighting games…

Sweet, I can see the clip on the bottom of the shaft in photo 3. You just need to change the spring, or coil the current one with a second spring to make it less loose.

http://shoryuken.com/f177/absolute-noobie-thread-now-more-faq-220429/index115.html#post10348977 shows the disassembly of a JLF. This should be very similar.

Loose stick aside, how does it play? have you checked what kind of buttons are in it?


thx i will check it out.
I find butoons work fine ( it’s my first one so for all i know they could be garbage) dont know what kind of buttons they are tougth but they are proboly smaller than normal ones because the arcade stick is small. Oh almost fergot it could play better but its fine with me and maby when i change the spring it will be great. it’s hard to say how good it is because it didn’t take long for it to get loose. not unusabe mind you but loose enouf to the point where i whant to replace it. it also dosent help that i didnt really have any experience with other arcade sticks but long story short i found the good but not great.


What a horrible design.

Huge expanse between stick & buttons, but then no room at all on the right – it just drops off.

It does appear to have some kind of microswitched buttons though.


You could probable replace those switches with nice Omron switches if you wanted to.