A noob question

how would you deal with people who play a fairly balanced style of play, but shut you out with constant low attacks? I mean if i try to dash UOH I’ll eat a c.LK into super or a c.MK into super or get swept so i can’t dash to get in and if i walk and low block i still just get pushed back anyway, I usually mistime down parries, and i just need a way to get control over the match instead of just hoping my opponent messes up. I play as SA3Ken and SA2/3Elena against SA1/2 Remy and SA1/3Ryu so Ken vs. Remy,Ken vs. Ryu,Elenavs. Remy and Elena vs. Ryu match up analysis would be really cool and appreciated also just general tips and strats.

crouch block + if your eating supers from UOH do it way farther back